S550 To Be Lighter, Shorter, According To Am Sources

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  1. http://blog.americanmuscle.com/brea...=social&utm_campaign=fbpost81520132015mustang

    How much? Approximately 400lbs lighter, 15 inches shorter, and 6.5 inches skinnier.

    If American Muscles' source (Edmunds) is to be believed, then this information confirms what everyone has been suspecting: the next generation will be smaller.

    This news isn't exactly headlining news, but I think it is interesting that it will lose 400lbs.

    What do you make of this information?
  2. As long as they don't screw up the drive train..
  3. At 6'5", I'm very scared of "smaller".

    I can make it work in the current Mustangs......but really concerned over this new direction.
  4. So basically, they are going to go back to the foxbody size/weight? Put a modern generation mustang next to a foxbody and there is a significant size difference. The foxbody looks like a little car, especially if it's a modern GT next to a coupe.

    I think with all the performance from some of the other cars, the Mustang is heading into more of a sports car direction, perhaps evolving into Ford's "corvette".

    I work for a Nissan dealer and what I am doing is primarily used cars, so I drive a lot of other makes and models. The Camaro is failing, and anyone who has driven one can see why. It's a land yacht, and the mustang isn't that far behind.
  5. I think that 400 pounds would be a good start.