Roush SA-20 Unveiled at the Saleen Show

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  1. The 20th anniversary Saleen (SA-20) was shown to the public for the first time today during the Saleen Car Show at their headquarters in Irvine.

    The car is stunning in person with the custom Pearl White paint. The interior receives some exclusive touches as well that really set these 10 cars apart from the “regular” S281s. You can read the details in the press release below.

    I don’t have a way to host the pics, hence all the attachments.

    Saleen Celebrates its 20th Anniversary With
    the Unveiling of the SA-20

    Irvine, Calif., August 29, 2003 – This year marks the 20th anniversary of Saleen, Inc., manufacturer of
    premium, high-performance vehicles such as the Saleen Mustang, Saleen/bonspeed Thunderbird, Saleen
    Focus and Saleen S7. In celebration of this event, Saleen is offering the ultimate in limited edition
    vehicles: the SA-20 Speedster. The vehicle will be unveiled to the public at Saleen’s 7th Annual Car
    Show at the company’s Irvine facility on Saturday, September 13th. The SA-20 epitomizes Saleen’s
    philosophy; “Power in the Hands of a Few” with only ten of these special edition vehicles being

    The SA-20 Speedster, based on the Saleen S281, will be available as a convertible only and will be
    powered by a 375 HP, 4.6L V8 featuring a Saleen Series IV Screw Type Intercooled Supercharger and
    Saleen PowerflashTM performance calibration system. The ten vehicles will be factory-custom painted
    Pearl White with its Five Spoke 18” wheels painted to match. The SA-20 will feature Saleen’s brandnew,
    never before seen 20th anniversary Tonneau cover with integrated light-bar design. In addition, the
    vehicle will feature 20th anniversary black and yellow graphics, Saleen’s lightweight, vented, composite
    hood, S281 Extreme Wing and S281 Extreme Rear Fascia with center exhaust. The interior of the SA-
    20 will feature 20th anniversary special edition Saleen leather sport seating, console plaque, custom floor
    mats and custom door panels.

    The Saleen SA-20 will mark the third time Saleen has celebrated one of its anniversaries with the release
    of a limited-edition vehicle. The company celebrated its 10th anniversary with the SA-10 and its 15th
    anniversary with the SA-15. Each anniversary car was produced in limited quantities of ten. Both cars
    are extremely rare and highly sought after.

    For customers who order the SA-20 prior to Saleen’s 7th Annual Car Show on September 13th, purchase
    includes airfare for two and one night’s lodging to be present for the public unveiling of the SA-20. SA-
    20 owners will also dine with Steve Saleen where a private unveiling of the vehicle will be held the
    evening before the car show. For more information on the SA-20, contact Lupe Baker, Director of
    Vehicle Sales at (949) 597-3832 or [email protected].
  2. Note the new Speedster top and lower profile light bar.
  3. Pearly wheel. :nice:
  4. Wow, nice pictures. Good info, tks for passing that along. It's the first time Saleen has not used his favorite color of Yellow on any of his speciality cars..hense the SSC, SA-10, SA-15..but the solid black on the hood looks sharp!
  5. Opps, there is some yellow trim...figures..dame nice car!
  6. Thanks for the pics!
  7. ya, thanks for the pics. that car looks so sweet. i wanted to goto the show, but couldn't make it. now i wish i would have went.
  8. very nice.. nothing like a brand new saleen :nice:
  9. Doe's any one know how much the window sticker on a SA-20 is? :shrug:

  10. I'm sure if you post this over at "The Other Saleen Board" that "Blip" would be happy to give you a breakdown on all the options and base price on his.
  11. BEAUTIFUL!!!! thanks for sharing the pics