*--SACRAMENTO white 03 COBRA--*

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by DirtyD916, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. anyone here have a white 03 cobra with bumper inserts. I wasdriving on 1-5 monday moring at 7 and say it roll by. Just want to say that myself and my mom both loved it. :nice:
  2. Hey there! Mine is the silver Anniversary model, but I’ve seen the white one your talking about. I think he goes to Sac State College because I see him there often. :nice:
  3. dang man hes only in college and has an 03 :nonono: ????!!!!! Well i still dont have a stang but am looking in a month when i have enough. Have you ever seen the blue 03 anytime? saw it out at sunrise once.
  4. Yes, but he is stock. The ones to look out for are me :D and a yellow one in the Roseville area.
  5. alright thanx man i'll keep my eye, or should i say ear, open for you two. :nice:
  6. I've seen the white a couple of times on I-5 as well. The yellow I've seen out on Greenback on a few occasions.
  7. I'm another 03 cobra in the sacramento Area.. i've only seen one other 03 cobra, and it's also zinc yellow just like mine.. says YUL LUZE on the license plate.. his name is Bryan, very nice guy. don't catch too many around here.
  8. He’s the yellow one I’m referring to. :nice:

    Yes, I see more 360 Ferrari’s around here than 03 Cobras. :flag:
  9. ya i've seen the YUL lUZE one out at sunrise i think. Awesome car. Ya Modenas are actually common in the Sac area. Saw one the other day racing my friends turbo M3 ( which beat him !!!!!).

    So Poison you live in Elk Grove? My family is actually about to move out there off Elk GRove Boulevard and Franklin, lookin forward to it!! :nice:
  10. I have seen that white Cobra as well :nice: I drive a sonic blue one with SS bumper inserts and my plate reads 1QK SVT I am lightly modded as you can see by my sig. Nice to hear from others that live in Sacto also Go Kings !!!!

    Jeff B.
  11. LMAO wow I never get over here much but I thought I saw my license plate hehe :nice:. I didnt realize there were so many local people on here. Are all you guys registered on sacstangs.com? I havnt been out nearly as much as I would like to with the weather and my future job preparations, but once the weather clears up a little you can bet I will be cruising around again. I remember back in summer 2001 when the cops were non existent for the most part and racing could be done almost anywhere. Now we are lucky to go one block without passing a cop :rolleyes:. I havnt seen many 03's on the street besides whats at the track or at dealerships. I know there is a sonic blue 03 in Roseville who has a few mods, but he never comes out. See ya guys :flag:
  12. The driving weather hasn’t been too good lately. :notnice:

    SteedaCharged02, I wonder if it was you I raced about 8 months ago? I was in a silver STEEDA V-6R. If so you’re the reason I went out and got a Cobra, and gave the other to my wife. :nice:
  13. i dont have a stang yet but when i do i dont think i'll register at sacstangs.com. The one time i ran into anyone from them was when i was with my friends brothers car and most of them (not all of them) acted lke total dickz. Not to say all members of sacstang.com are, but the few i met were. But anyways go KINGS.!!!!!!!!! :D
  14. Ya some of the guys there are a little cocky, but most are pretty cool. Its actually the LS1 guys who bring the cockiness to the site lol! I am very friendly though and love talking to anyone who has an interest in Stangs so feel free to wave me down or say whats up to me if you see me rollin!
  15. i was out at sunrise last night (saturday) and was with a friend with his silver turbo'd M3, i saw a bunch of 03 cobras at a gas station near some car dealerships, not sure exactly which one. Anyways saw a couple yellow cobras a white one and a silver one. any of you???
  16. hahahahh ya that was us!!! The two yellow cobras were me and Alexis. We cruised together. I saw the other 03's you were talking about also. We had a lot of people show up at Mcdonalds across from in&out in Rancho at 10. Probably 25 muscle cars showed up. You can read all about it on Sacstang.com/forum. They all post there.
  17. I was driving right by there. :bang: Shoot, it would have been cool to talk with some other Cobra owners. Are you meeting again sometime soon?
  18. where exactly is the mcdonalds at rancho? is that the one right off the freeway on sunrise? or am i just really confused :p
  19. oh ya do you guys ever head out to Florin and perkins to watch the races? just curious cause i never see an cobras there.
  20. Ya the McDonalds is right across from In&out next to highway 50. We will meet there again for sure (weather permitting of course). Like I said you can check out Sacstangs.com/forum for our next meet. All the camaro guys are on that site too so it makes it fun! And Gemex, I would love to meet up with you sometime! I talked to one guy who had just bought his Anniversary Silver Cobra at a Shell gas station while I was filling up one night. Not sure if it was you or not. But I would like to talk to you about your mods and then I can show you mine. I think we have a fairly similar setup except mine has nitrous and is tuned by a Diablo Predator. See ya around!