1. so i finally finish my exhaust off on saturday borla catback/ slp catless off road x pipe and wouldnt u know it noise violation 12 hours later sucks but the exhaust sounds amazing :SNSign:
  2. Dang man, that sucks.. Which Borla Catback did you go with? Stingers?
  3. Were you ****ing around or just driving? lol ;)
  4. yes im pretty sure
  5. Better weld in a set of cats to quiet that thing down a little. :)

    For the all of 1-2 horsepower they cost, there's no excuse now-a-days not to have them on.
  6. just driving but it is really loud
  7. what kinda cat back. stinger?
  8. No welding required with the SLP piece, thats why I like mine :nice:
  9. just a borla catback