sad day...

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  1. well guys, today i came to the realization that im gonna need to get rid of the stang pretty soon. I can afford it, i love it, i want it, but im just getting my priorities straight with my finances and such. This is not a sale thread, but more of a thread where i wanna let you guys know in case you are interested, because of course i will give :SNSign: members first shot and a small price break. Its listed in classifieds, i would appreciate any buyers you send my way...may even be worth $100 to the referrer.
  2. Soooooo... Once you sell your stang you will not be around any more right? :D
  3. that sux man... but i may have a buyer for ya, ill let ya know
  4. I'll be here foreverrrr:rlaugh:
    i would never leave you to wander the forums by yourself.
  5. man, that sucks, but i do understand. i have thought about selling the Bullitt myself, but can't bring myself to do it yet. hopefully things will work out for you. good luck, and if i hear of anybody interested, i will let you know.
  6. sounds good. if you can sell it for me, i will fill your tank for a few weeks.
  7. that's pretty good, but i think you meant a couple days? don't know what your gas prices are, but ours are like $3.12 for premium here, and that is all the Bullitt will ever see. "Pride Before Gas Prices" is a little something i saw in Hot Rod magazine, and i believe too.
  8. i think 100 bucks should last more than a few days :)
  9. yeah, depending on how far and how hard you run it. but yeah, 100 bucks is a pretty good referral fee, all i ever got from any dealership was 50.
  10. I would suggest taking MANY more detailed pics if you want more interest with the online crowd. If you have a quality digital camera Id go picture crazy one afternoon -- and Im sure you will have a buyer in no time.

    You have a new paint job, why not show it off with pics?

    Good luck and hope you sell it!
  11. oh man ive got tonnnns. i just didnt wanna post them all until someone asked.
  12. i agree. but i gotta be smart i guess.

  13. screw that, keep the stang and sell a kidney.:nice:

    just kidding, anyway i just hope you have no regrets down the line. make sure you stay on the forums.

    and what the hell are you going to drive insted,,>>>:mad: :mad: :mad:
  14. Sad to hear man, really nice car.
    Where are you going to school?
  15. So..... uh..... wheres the pics? :scratch:

    EDIT: Whoops! Im retarded, you put them in the classified ad. Might I make a suggestion to have someone host a webpage with all the pics where u dont have to click on them. I know when I look online I tend to get ADD once I have to go clicking through several pics. Just a suggestion... :)

    Also, a lot of your pictures tend to be far away, might scare away a potential buyer. When I am looking at pictures I want to feel as if I can get a good feel for the car without actually being there.
  16. :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  17. I go to school at Harding University in arkansas. I will get some close ups ASAP. Im not sure what im gonna buy yet, but something cheaper so i can free up some money. Im willing to make someone a good deal on this car...just need to get it gone within like a month i guess.
  18. It better not be for a girl :p