sad day...

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  1. I can totally appreciate your situation as I have been there myself. (When I had to sell my 96 Cobra several years ago) Probably the most important thing I can share with you from my experiance is that when you buy another car, make sure it is something you like. It was my experiance that after selling my car I was always a little depressed. I also really didnt take care of my new car after selling my cobra. Maybe it was just me, but I was never really totally happy until I got another mustang (My 01 Bullitt). I now am on my third 4.6 mustang, and I know enough about myself to know that when I sell this one, it will either be for another mustang, or something cooler. (I just cant think of anything cooler than a mustang that I would rather own at this point in my life)
  2. i hear ya man. I will get back into mustangs again, just need to get my finances in order and get everything straightened out. The mustang is paid for, insurance is nothing, but theres just alot of money tied up in it that i could use to be paying for some more important things right now.
  3. it'll be a real sad day if i have to put this thing on evilbay
  4. Why dont you just sell the paxton and some of your other mods and keep the car. You will regret selling it.
  5. :Word:
  6. I have been thinking about putting my stang up for sale.But kinda hard since I just got the car and I just got the new wheels on the car..But sometimes I think I should have saved the money on the wheels but it sucked having 16s but still I think i need something that gets better mpg..But dont really want to drive a rice burner and if i get anything else it would prob be a truck so who knows..I have even thought of going and selling the car and going with ls1 are lt1 power..But it seems like everytime i turn around something on the car has to be fixed....:bang:
  7. well ive got a guy that is seriously considering it, so it may be gone soon. he said he could pay cash tomorrow...we will see..i would be sad to see this go.
  8. Good luck man..I hope things go good for you..