Sad Story

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  1. I know this is not classic mustang related let alone mustang related. I just had to tell some people this story so theyre always careful and mindful of their cars. Ok so a friend of my best friend had just gotten a full time job (this kid is not in college and just got the job). His parents decide that they will help them out in the purchase of a new car. 2 saturdays ago he and my friend take a trip around the local dealers. They happened upon a 2002 Trans AM WS6 with anniversary package with the yellow color and black rims. It is a convertible. The kid buys it right up. So they drive around for a while and then my buddy has to go to work so he goes and does his workin thing and gets back to his house. A little while after he gets home he get s acall from steve(the owner of the car). This is where it gets sad. Apparently while my buddy was at work there was an accident. Steve lost control and drove right into oncoming traffic. Needless to say now that his car is wrecked and unsalvageable. It is so hard to believe that this could happen. Steve claims he was driving perfectly safe and etc. but we know the way he drives and believe that some messing around was involved. Its really bad and all I can say is that I hope my fellow stangers always are careful behind the wheel and do not do anything stupid. This incident has made me rethinnk my whole approach to my car. I am still gonna build a street monster but my driving will be forever safer becuase of this. I have some pics that they took when they got it back. They are of poor quality becuase they were taken with a camera phone. I will also be getting a few pics after the crash. I will put those up when I get them.
  2. Well, by Steve being able to claim he was driving safe, reasonable deduction tells me , (and barr in mind I aint no geeny-us) that Steve survived the event. Thats what counts. But yeah, it does suck his new car got beaned. :notnice:
  3. well yea hes fine but hes just dumb IMO. its just saddening that something like that happens.
  4. Glad he didn't get hurt atleast. Hell, I can't really talk though, I put my stang into a curb the first couple months I had it (didn't quite handle like mom and dad's newer cars :bang: ). Needless to say, you live, you learn. Hopefully he'll be one of the people who learn from the mistake instead of carrying on with the crazy driving.
  5. it is possible that he really was driving reasonably safely, but given the weather and road conditions, it likely wasnt safe enough.
  6. wel heres the kicker. He told my buddy that he actually had time to get outta the way and instead of steering clear he threw it in reverse and gassed it that way. he was waiting for the truck to stop and not steering out of the way. so the whole accident could be avoided. I hope he learns from it cuase my budy said hes already looking for a replacement and found one in florida or smething.