Saddam is Captured!!!!

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  1. :stick: I found this appropriate since they are interrogating the hell outta him.


    EDIT: For the record though, this should be posted in Talk.
  2. I think he started alot of them. Look at the related threads box.

  3. HOOOOORAAH! I knew we'd get that bastard soon enough, It was only a matter of time. They shoulda sent the marines after him from the start and we woulda had him a long time ago! I made sure and had a couple celebratory beers tonite in honor of my fellow commrades kicking some Iraqi ass today:cheers:. I hope you all celebrated as well. Today was a proud day for the United States and our military.:flag:

    HOORAH Sgt.!
  4. yeah I thought it was the army that got him?
    anyways, all things aside, good job to the troops!

    what will they do to him next...
  5. as long as he not able to hurt anyone else, i think the US is doing the right thing. :flag:

  6. yea it was the army that got him, 4th infantry I believe. I was just trying to say that had they sent the marines in to control the military operations in Iraq, the whole "war" and everything that followed would have been handled totally different, and we would have had saddam in custody before the bombs were even dropped. But it all worked out, and regardless of how we did it, WE GOT 'EM! Pres. Bush may have taken alot of heat for his descisions on the whole matter, but he knows what he is doing, and I support my president (and commander in chief) 100%. Just think if Al gore were in office when this stuff started goin down. He wouldnt have a clue what to do. Anyway, I'm just ranting :fuss:

    I think they will try him (IN IRAQ) for war crimes, with the possibility of the death penalty.
  7. i thought they didn't do the death penalty over there?
    I may be mistaken though...99% of the time I am! :bang:
  8. It's Islamic law - of course they have the death penalty. Heard today that he probably will be turned over to the Iraqis for punishment. :nice: