saddly leaving the mustangs...

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  1. well I'm trying to sell my car since I can't part it out. the ad just placed today and I had one good call on it already. I'm selling my baby :( , I've put in so much work, time, and money making it "good" and then making it "better". well I just need to get my self a car that will turn on when I walk out the door everytime. but later I plan on coming back with hopefully a SVO, TC, or GT.
    oh well hre is the ad I placed:
    1991 ford Mustang e-mail for vin Currant red notch, with a 2.3L turbo frm 87turbocoupe, 5spd, motor needs work, selling as a parts car. for questions email/call, ask for Matt. $750obo

    I'll probaby still be lurking the boards and giving my 2 cents were I can and even were I shouldn't :owned:
  2. Sorry to hear that. What are you going to get in place of the stang?
  3. Sorry man, sometimes it just doesn't work out. You'll be back though, they all do.:D
  4. I would like to find a TC cuz usually they are found cheap around me any where from 450+ for good condition 87-88tc's. but of course thats usually when you aren't looking to buy one or you don't have the money :rolleyes: . I want something cheap to insure, good gas mileage would be great, bea able to lug a couple of car seats around and somethign I can go get things in... but put simply... a cheap good running car that starts whenever I want it to beacuase thats what I need. I will get a "fun" car later :D
  5. well a geo gets good gas mileage...spend 250 on it, and the 500$ on a of both worlds ;o)
  6. my stepdad has a 91 subaru justy I could possibly get cheap from him. looks like a geo and has a AWD 5spd :nice: but it doesn't run great, isn't smogged or registered :notnice:
  7. Are you telling us your gonna be a daddy soon?
  8. nooo, he wants to be able to give you a ride when u need it :lol:
  9. Who are you?
  10. well cro I might as well be, my girlfriend has kids, and the baby pretty much thinks I'm the dad since the loser is never around.
  11. I was thinking of selling my car. I can get a good deal on 2 '70 Firebirds for $200. I want a V8 for the raw torque.
  12. I was thinking about trading my car for a Jeep Grandwagoneer.. We get alot of snow here so i was definatly considering it. But i love my car too much... well ill keep telling myself that untill we get alot of snow, or it breaks down.. LOL
  13. :rolleyes: