SOLD Sale Or Trade Slp Lm2 Mufflers

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Nov 15, 2014
Hey guys, I've got a set of SLP Loudmouth II mufflers on the car right now and I'm looking to either sell them or trade them for a set of Magnapack or Borla Stinger mufflers. They sound great, just not exactly what I was looking for when it comes to loudness/tone. Aesthetically they have some scratches on the bottoms of the mufflers from bottoming out, but they are perfect otherwise. I'll ship depending on location and how long it'll take. I dd my car, so it can't be down too long with the mufflers off. Sale is for $150, but is negotiable. Local trade for those near or willing to drive to San Ramon/Dublin/Pleasanton, California, I may ship for trade as well.

The exhaust is on the car right now so all I've got are pictures when I pulled the exhaust to replace the hangers a while back and a picture of them installed.

465.png 466.JPG 20141116_120557.jpg

*Sale/Trade is for mufflers only, I'm hanging onto the rest of the catback*

Email me at [email protected]
Or call/text me at: (925)984-seven six zero seven
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