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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by daddy oth, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. i'm looking to sale or trade for T-5 conversion parts for '66 coupe.

    here what i got make me an offer:

    '66 mustang stock power steering w/o pump

    weld wheel draglite

    2-15x8.5 4.5 b.s w/245-60-15 (no more than 20 mi. on wheel and tire)

    2-15x3.5 need to replaced front tire but hold air

    used 4in. harwood cowl induction scoop

    2- v8 spindle powder coat black

    '96-'98 cobra bbk off road x-pipe w/flowmaster cut-off before rear axle

    keep in mind that all parts are used or like new

    like to trade for t-5 conversion parts:


    performance shifter

    clutch cable kit

    flywheel or anything that involve in converting to t-5

    make me an offer and we'll talk
  2. Interested in the hood, please send me pics, is it finished, how much are you looking and were are you located? Thanks Mike.
    [email protected]
  3. hood scoop sold...sorry i took too long to reply
  4. How much for the rims? (front and back, and just front,just back)
  5. i'll take $300 for all 4 wheel and tire but you pay for shipping.i will try to get you a pic.(i'm not good with computer but will try). if you or anybody have t-5 conversion parts for '66 mustang we can trade.i don't really need these parts anymore they're picking up space in my brother's garage so i need to get rid them soon

    t-5 conversion parts nedded:


    cable kit

    clucth and brake pedal assy.

    5.0 flywheel and engine plate
  6. How much for the 2 v8 spindles shipped to Stockton Ca 95210?
  7. i'm in stockton too so no need for shipping.the two v-8 spindle has been powder coated black it's came off my '66 mustang.

    so make me a reasonable offer and we got a deal:nice:
  8. I can pick them up by Friday night in person or Saturday morning since I work in San Jose and don't get back to Stockton until Friday night. Not sure what your schedule is so let me know what would be a good time for you. As far as the price shoot me a e-mail with how much you would let them go for and i'll pick them up as soon as possible. Hopefully there not to expensive:D

    Please e-mail at [email protected] and I will get back to you asap.
  9. forgot to mention I will be putting my 5.0 HO complete motor (from former chp car) with original ecu and wire harness for sale within the week or so. Also have the bellhousing and manual T-5 transmission and a 66 mustang shell that I need to get rid of. Maybe you need some parts off my 66 mustang coupe which we can trade for.

    Let me know if your interested.
  10. daddy oth

    I pm'd you my cell phone number please call me on Saturday after you get off work.
  11. Just wanted to thank forum member on :SNSign: daddy oth for the spindles. All items for were in excellent conditions and were dirt cheap:jaw: (in price).:nice:
  12. Can I get pictures of the wheels? Email them to [email protected]
    I have a spare T5 crossmember if you still want it. Let me know if you want to see pictures of it.
  13. thank you very much:nice:

    well my bros. is moving out to his new home so all the stuff that is listed is still for sale or trade for t-5 conversion parts(t-5 crossmember for '66,& clutch cable conv.)
    i need to get all my stuff out of space in my apt.

    oh wait...



    i'm not good computer (i'm as dumb as they come):shrug:

    i will try to get the pic. of the wheel out to you

    thank you,

    daddy oth
  14. edgar23.

    could you plz.shoot the pic. of the x-member to me
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