Saleen 351w specs, h/c/i..etc

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  1. I would like to one day build a replica 351w like the saleen had. Does anyone all the specs for the engine. Like what heads, cam, intake, internals, etc.
  2. I know it had Performer heads and a cobra intake.... thats about it.
  3. anyone else?
  4. Are you talking about the Saleen S7 or the supercharged 351 that was in the Mustangs?

    The Saleen S7 has a 351 Windsor stroker motor.
  5. I had a more detailed list somewhere. I'll have to find it again

    Saleen S351 Specs

    Engine Engine
    351 cubic inch (5.8L) Saleen Centrifugal Supercharged
    OHV 90 degree V-8

    495 @ 5400 rpm
    490 feet pounds @ 3500 rpm
    Drivetrain Transmission
    Saleen Quick Ratio 6-speed manual transmission
    8.8" differential 3.27:1 ratio Saleen driveshaft
    Optional: 8.8" differential 3.55:1 or 3.08:1 ratio driveshaft
    Suspension Front
    Hybrid MacPherson struts with Saleens Racecraft system
    Live axle four bar link with Saleen Racecraft variable rate coil-springs
    on boxed lower trailing arms
    Brakes Power 4-wheel ABS disc brakes
    Front: Saleen 13.0" grooved disc with 4-piston calipers
    Rear: 10.5" disc with 4 piston calipers
    Wheels Saleen five spoke alloy wheels
    Front and Rear 18" x 9" O
    Optional: Rear 18" x 10"
    Tires Pirelli P7000
    Front: P255/35 ZR-18
    Rear: P265/35 ZR-18
    Pirelli PZero
    Front: P265/35 ZR-18
    Rear: P295/35 ZR-18
    Performance 1/4 Mile
    12.7 secs @122.0 MPH
    top speed: 172
    lat. accel.
    Pricing Base
  6. I have all that on a Saleen poster. Its pretty cool, but I was looking for the engine parts. It would be awesome to build a replica Saleen 351w. And since im not in a hurry I can build it little by little
  7. I'm guessing they are just regular gt-40 irons drilled to fit the 351 block.
  8. I think that you might be right. The one that I drove definately had iron heads on it and the saleen vortech intake which is based off the truck lower from ford. The GT-40 heads off a 95 lightning would bolt right on the S-351 motor so that is a very good possibility. If it were me I would not go for all authentic parts when it comes to the motor. Stick a set of AFR 185's, a good cam, saleen intake since it is just like the holley, and a S-trim on a 351W motor and make even more power. Stroking is also a good idea since no one would know that it was done. Now on the outside make it look just like a saleen but please don't claim it to be real since most mustang guru's can find the things that will tell if it is real or not which can make you look really stupid.
  9. i read that the s351's used edelbrocks at first then switched to tfs for the last 2 years of prod. but dont hold me on that ;-)
  10. your right because the poster I have says it has edelbrock heads, but which ones I dont know.
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  12. Finally someone finds specs on them. I looked but could not find anything about them. Figures the best info on a American car has to come from a website out of the country. Anyway, the car that I drove definately had the saleen/vortech intake that looks just like the systemax intake from holley. But the pics that I found shows all of them with a modified cobra intake. It had been cut and probably ported and an extra piece of aluminum added to the upper and then tig welded back together. I am not sure why they done this but that was on all of the cars that I found pics for. The car that I drove was a 94 S-351 but there is the possibility that it had been changed since it was not the original owner that let me drive it.
  13. What about the S7 engine? Thats a 351 stroker pushrod motor that makes 500hp. Anyone have any details on that engine? I plan on putting a 351 stroker in when I win the lottery.
  14. Saleen S7

    7.0 Liter small block Ford 4 1/8 x 4.0 bore/stroke
    Aluminum heads 2.125 intake 1.625 exhaust titanium retainers, beryllium exhaust seats
    (beryllium is used as a heat sheild on the space shuttle)
    hydraulic roller cam
    80mm mass air meter with 42lb/hr injectors
    coil on plug ignition
    Saleen power flash computer

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    [email protected]
    7000rpm redline

    Thats all the info I could find.
  15. I dont think that it's based off the 351W motor. The 351W has a bore of 4.0in with a stroke of 3.5in and a 5.9in rod. And displaces 7.0L which is a 427 motor and has a stroke 4.0 and a bore of 4.125 which matches the bore and stroke of the 427 FE motor. So it's not windsor based and it's loosely based off the 427 FE motor. It is a OHV car with a all aluminum block will all forged billet parts, roller cam, and twin MAF systems on the street version. Hell I could type it all our or just paste it from saleens website. So here are the official specs:

    S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

    Take an in depth look at the Saleen S7

    Saleen S7 Features and Specifications

    Curb Weight 2,750 pounds (1250kg)
    Weight Distribution, F/R 40% / 60%
    Fuel Capacity 19 US Gal (72 Liters)
    Wheelbase 106.25 in (2700mm)
    Track, F/R 68.75in (1748mm) / 67.25 in (1710mm)
    Width 78.3 inches (1990mm)
    Front overhang 40.6 in (1031mm)
    Rear overhang 41.1 in (1045mm)
    Length 188 inches (4774mm)
    Height 41 inches (1041mm)
    Ground clearance 4 inches (100 mm)
    Trunk Space, F/R 2.65 cu ft (6253.3cc) / 2.82 cu ft (6654.4cc)

    CHASSIS Space frame 4130 lightweight steel
    with honeycomb composite panels

    Type All-Aluminum V-8 2V cam-in-block
    Displacement 7.0 liter
    Bore and Stroke 4 1/8" x 4.0" (104.8 x 101.6 mm)
    Pistons Forged
    Connecting Rods EN40B billet steel
    Crankshaft 4340 forged billet steel
    Induction system Roof intake feeding twin 80mm mass air meters feeding carbon fiber plenum. Magnesium oval bore throttle body (longitudinally mounted). Intake manifold: magnesium w/ 8 individual runners.
    Heads CNC machined all-aluminum Saleen high flow
    Valves Stainless steel with titanium retainers. Intake: 2.125" (54.0mm). Exhaust: 1.625 " (41.3mm). Beryllium exhaust seats.
    Valve train Hydraulic roller lifter/roller rocker
    Exhaust System Stainless steel high flow with merge collector incorporating dual catalysts per cylinder bank and EGR system
    Required fuel 92 octane
    Alternator 140 Amps
    Battery 12 V
    Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) Compact drive system w/side-mounted water pump
    Emission Control System OBD-II compliant, dual heated oxygen sensor per bank, high-volume EVAP system
    Fly-wheel 5.5" (139.7mm) steel 4-plate
    Fuel System High capacity returnless with 42 lb./hr. injectors
    Oil system High vacuum dry sump configuration. Capacity: 12.6 qt. (12l). Aluminum oil tank.
    Horsepower 550 hp @ 6400 rpm
    Torque 525 ft.-lbs. @ 4000 RPM
    Redline 7000 rpm


    Carbon fiber front intake feeding twin front-mounted aluminum water radiators w/ ECU controlled electric cooling fans. Twin side-mounted oil-air coolers.

    Saleen PowerFlash control system computer. Integrated coil-on-plug ignition system.

    Transmission: Longitudinal, 6-speed all synchro-mesh transaxle
    Transmission Ratios
    1st 2.46
    2nd 2.06
    3rd 1.47
    4th 1.18
    5th 0.958
    6th 0.74
    Final drive ratio 3.22
    Limited slip differential
    Light-weight inboard and outboard tri-pod joints
    High torque capacity steel halfshafts
    Clutch : metallic 5.5" dia., 4-plate, hydraulic actuation

    Front suspension system: Unequal length, double wishbones, light-weight aluminum dampers, w/ coilover springs. Front anti-roll bar.

    CNC machined billet aluminum flow-through uprights.

    Rear suspension system: Unequal length, double wishbones, light-weight aluminum dampers, with coilover springs.

    CNC machined billet aluminum flow-through uprights.

    Saleen engineered/Brembo supplied lightweight aluminum, six-piston calipers front/rear:

    15 in. Ventilated Disc (Front)

    14 in. Ventilated Disc (Rear)

    Light-weight aluminum disc mounting bells


    Saleen forged alloy wheels.

    Center locking wheel nuts with automatic safety locks:

    19 in. x 9.5 in. Front wheels

    20 in. x 13 in. Rear wheels

    High Performance Pirelli P-Zero Rossa Tires
    Front 275/30-19
    Rear 355/25-20

    Integrated roll protection

    Aluminum honeycomb impact absorbing panels
    3-point seat belts with automatic seat belt pre-tensioners
    Carbon fiber rocker panels and doors
    Aluminum honeycomb front crush structure, integrated rear crumple zones
    Center position fuel tank/passenger-side filler

    Connolly leathers
    Aluminum and body-color accents
    Performance sport seating
    Custom fitted driver seating position
    Leather-wrapped steering wheel & shift knob
    Rear-view video camera w/ interior LCD display
    Quick-release steering wheel
    240 mph speedometer
    Central-mounted tachometer

    High volume flow-through ventilation system

    Air conditioning
    Fully adjustable tilt & telescoping steering column
    Power windows.
    Power door locks with central locking system
    Variable intermittent windshield wipers
    Electric heated front windshield
    Custom-made fitted luggage
    Remote trunk/hatch/fuel-filler door releases
    AM/FM remote six-disc CD changer audio system

    Theft-deterrent security system
    Electronic immobilizer system


    Dual power-operated door mirrors
    Projector beam headlights
    Heat-rejecting tinted glass

    Power antenna
    Autoclave carbon fiber body panels
    Advanced wind tunnel developed aerodynamics, including: Integrated split-channel air flow throughout car; full underside aerodynamics; advanced design front tray & side skirts; integrated full body wing.

    All specifications are preliminary and subject to change without notice.
    © 2002 Saleen, Inc. All Rights Reserved
    Saleen S7 is a registered trade mark of Saleen, Inc. No unauthorized use permitted.
  16. I got my information from the Saleen dealership in Chicago. The salesman told me that the engine was based off of the windsor block. Its pretty much the same engine that was in the Saleen racing Mustangs that were yellow black and white (not sure what division they raced in), except the racing version had Cleveland heads.
  17. Are you talking about the S7 or the S-351 and the SR race cars? The S7 is a whole new engine design and I don't think that it is based off the small block ford. To get the bore right you would have to bore the 351 block .125 which is more than it could stand for a street engine. But if you are talking about the street 351 vs the race 351 then I am not sure. And just so you know dealerships that have a saleen certification does not make the salesmen experts in the cars. Last salesman that I tried to talk to about one of the cars had no idea what he was talking about.

    Go down where it talks about the engine specs.

    It says, "Saleen/Allen Speedlab race team engine builder, Bill Tally, is the engine's designer. Based on a Ford-cast all aluminum block re-engineered by Saleen, the cam-in-block 7-litre motor generates 550 horsepower at 6400 rpm."

    But what engine block cast is it of off? 351?

    Here's another

    "The massive 7.0-liter V-8 engine is assembled in a squeaky-clean room that’s appropriately dubbed the Speedlab. The motor is loosely based on Ford’s NASCAR racing engine. It retains the Ford mill’s deck height and bore centers, but the block has been redesigned and cast in aluminum rather than steel, a move that Saleen vice-president of engineering Bill Tally says saves about 150 pounds."

    So what engine does Ford use for NASCAR? :shrug: