Roush Saleen at the Detroit auto show..

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  1. Went up to Detroit yesterday for the auto show. As i walk in the door to buy my tickets, what do i see infront of me....a S7!!! I just about said screw the rest of the show and ill just stand here and stare and drool..hehe.

    There was an SA20, the new n20 Focus, the S7 and a yellow S281 speedster. Ended up talking to a guy, wasnt a salesman, and actually never even got his name. But it was nice talking to someone who actually knew about Saleen as 90% of the people walking by and even the salesman by the cars were lacking in information a bit.
  2. No pics?! Too bad.

    Did you happen to notice what the bumper number was on the SA20? I wonder if they sold all of them yet.

    What were your impressions of the ’05 Stang?
  3. I do have acouple pics, unfortunatly i forgot my digital camera (woke up to early to get there, and forgot it) but i had my picture phone on me, and i snapped a few, ill post them when i get home tonight.

    The SA-20 was #01 :hail2: The guy that i had talked to said it was bought by the president of some club, very well could have been the SOEC, so that would be Debbie Blaylock...But im not positive on that. But he said that she owned 1 of every anniversary car out so far. He also confirmed that all 10 had been sold, and that the car was to be delivered to her after the detroit auto show.

    As far as the 05 does look better in person than any pictures i have seen of it yet. But since the beginning ive never really been pleased at the direction they took as far as the retro styling. Im sure as i see more of them and start seeing them on the road, moddified (ie, rims, lowered....) i will start to like them a bit more. I personally just dont see any aggressive look to it right now and i dont like that. But with some slight moddifications that can be taken care of, and thats what im looking forward too.
  4. When I checked last week, 6 were sold in September (I think these are the serial #s: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7-mine, & 11), 2 more (don't yet know the numbers) since then, and 2 other car have not been ordered/assembled.
  5. That could very well be, considering you own one :nice: I was just going off what the guy had told me.
  6. Here are the few pics i took of the Saleen display..

    Sorry for the quality, like i said, they were taken with my camera phone.

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  7. one more..

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  8. Sizleen515,
    Thanks for the pictures. :nice: I was surprised that a SA 20 was even there.

    I think the SA 20 is going to become one of the Saleen mystery machines. Very little press coverage about the cars , (only saw one little magazine write-up about the car) and Saleen really has not done much on their own either. Most people who see my car don't know anything about the SA 20 production run.

    The SA 10s & SA 15s where advertised much more. I had tried to buy a SA-15, but all were sold before I even read about the program.
  9. :drool: sweet pics Sizleen515, thanks. :nice: i love the s7 and the sa20. got to see them up close and personal when i went to the saleen factory. both cars look awesome!