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  1. I have a line on a set of black basketweave "Saleen" rims. He states they are 4 lug and are black wich a polished lip. He doesn't know what year they came off of and doesn't know the size. There are no center caps either. What is the best way to verify they are real?

  2. if they were 4 lug then they would be from a 84-86 Saleen. 87+ Saleens were 5 lug. can you get pics to put up here? there are a few different types of basketweave rims so it depends on which set he has.
  3. There is no way to varify they were on a Saleen originally.

    Brand depends on which year Saleen they could be off of. But there is nothing special about any of these whells as far as offset, etc. Same as any wheel that fits a 4 lug Mustang.

    The 1985 Saleens had 15X7 Hayashi whels or optional 16X7 Riken wheels.
    The 1986 Saleens had 16X7 Enkei wheels.

    First picture is a 4 lug Hayashi wheel on a 1985 Saleen.
    Second picture is the Riken optional wheel for 1985 Saleen.
    Third pictureis of the 4 lug Enkei's that came on '86 Saleens.


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  4. Hi Thom,

    Keep in mind there is no science involved with the manufacturers/ brand of wheels and the year of the vehicle.

    As long as they have the correct backspacing for a Mustang/Capri you'll be set (which I'm sure you know). Have the seller take a tape to the wheels so that he knows what he's offering. Photos too.

    Not mentioned, but ARE also produced a 4-lug, flat mesh wheel, similar to the known 5-lug.

    You can tell the basics from Gary's photos, the Hayashis and the Rikens have a raised pattern mesh that carries to the lug area, while the Enkeis and AREs have a flat pattern that end before the lug holes.

    Center caps might be tough to find, so remember that when talking price.

    If you're looking to turn the wheels over quickly for profit, 16s would be better than 15s and you'll have interest from owners of standard Mustangs.

    I was schooled a little differently than Gary, but from what I understood... Enkies were the optional '85 16-inch wheels, with various '86s being equipped with those and Rikens. Beats me. I also space out at times. (Bummer). :shrug:

    Photos are your friend and if your can grab some part or engineering numbers from the back of the wheels, we can send those off to the collectors who either know or have spares of the wheels hanging around.

    A better image of the Riken.
  5. Thanks guys. I am waiting for pictures and I will post them if I get them.
  6. Anyone know where I can get a set of the 15 inch ones? Shoot me an email to [email protected]