Roush Saleen Body Kit and Wing

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  1. I put a Saleen body kit on my 2003 GT, the actual Saleen kit not a fiberglass replica. I got it installed and painted at CJ Pony Parts in Harrisburg PA and I have had a lot of trouble with the paint not chipping and getting the spoiler to stay on. The main problem is the paint, it chips around the screens on every piece of it including the spoiler. The spoiler also has a habit of coming up in the summer and CJ said they could not get it to stay down, they even put a new one on with no success. I finally put Gorilla Glue in between the two pieces of tape on the spoiler to get it to stay. Has anyone had this problem or had problems with CJ Pony Parts?

    FYI - I am not trying to make it into a clone, my family has Saleens and Im 19 and saving to move out and can't afford to get my dream S281 yet.
  2. i basicallly have the same setup as you and i only have paint chip issues on my rear bumber around the saleen lettering. As for the wing im pretty sure no ones sits righ cuz mine wont stay down either after 3 differnt wings from saleen. I didnt get minedont at cj pony parts but im going to say that its not really where the parts come from but the amount of prep put into the paining.
  3. Sounds like they didn't use plastic primer.

    That is a must on any of the new TPO plastics being used, esp. the Saleen kits.

    The only way to fix it is to sand the existing paint back down to the original plastic and start over.

    Any body shop that tells you different doesn't know what they are talking about. I do, I am Platinum Certified Coliision/Repair Paint tech thru PPG, and I placed 3rd in DuPonts Top Gun competition back in 2004, so trust me on the fact they skipped out on using plastic primer.

  4. This is correct. They did not use the correct primer and paint. Urethane and plastic bumpers REQUIRE special flexible primer so it will not chip. This alos make the bumper stiffer when paint is dry.

    I am no expert guy like above but i paint few cars per month...LOL

    My car:

  5. Take it back and have them paint and prep again. You shouldn't have to pay for it again. GO WITH ANGER!!! you shouldnt have to have this done twice if they did it correctly the first time!

    Good luck and let us know the outcome. Personally i like CJ pony parts. But if they are gonna take a short cut like this. They lost a customer. Personally i would smack the guy who painted but that's just me.