Roush saleen body kit application

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by mwood, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. I bought a fox w a saleen body kit poorly applied. Previous owner tried to use screws to hold the front and rear bumper valance. Screws were hid behind lience plates or in wheel wells. Corners are sagging or falling off.

    What is the right way to apply the body kit? I've seen some pics of valances held on by what looked like round headed bolts. Not sure if there is an option there.

  2. Lots of 3M two sided tape and simple pan head screws (a lot in some cases) is how Saleen did it. Make sure the areas that touch are well cleaned, and that the parts are nice and warm, let them sit in the sun for a while. The applied areas being absolutely clean and free from invisible waxes, oils and mold release agents is the true key.
  3. Someone told me rivets. I've seen pics of saleens w either rivets or pan screws. Sounds like you are saying they are pan head screws.
  4. I want to ask this one more time because I want to be sure. I've been looking at 88/89 saleen pics trying to look at the bumpers. Some have what looks like a pan head screw or rivet, some don't. They line the top of the front and rear bumper skirt every foot or so. Were these original at all?
  5. Every "real" fox Saleen I have seen, used screws

  6. Thank you for the excellent photos.
  7. No problem, glad to help!