Roush Saleen Club Of America at Carlisle

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  1. FYI for anyone going to Carlisle this year. Wish I could be there.

    The Saleen Club of America has partnered with one of the greatest automotive events in the country to help bring 5500 Mustangs & Fords, one of the largest gatherings of Saleens on the East Coast -a HUGE Vendor & swap area and of course, the Saleen Club of America tent - All part of the Carlisle All Ford Nationals held June 5-7 at Carlisle PA.

    If you are planning on attending and want to park with the Saleen Group, it is very IMPORTANT to PRE-REGISTER as a Member of the Saleen Club of America - use the complete name, you don't have to be a member to park in this area, but you do have to specify the group to be counted for parking allocations.

    Register on-line here CARLISLE FORD NATIONALS Carlisle Events All-Ford Nationals. Experience The Cars. The People. The Excitement.
  2. Mike, since you accidentally posted this twice, I guess Jim felt the need to have two posts about SOEC being there.

    Wonder if there will actually be an SOEC member his or her own Saleen
  3. I know you were talking to Mike F,

    but I do know that at the last two events the the SOEC did NOT have their own tent. Birmingham, and Knotts to be exact.

    The SOEC has blended with SMS and they are setting up underneath of the SMS TENT.

    I think they need to just say it like it is now and call their internet club SMSSOEC as everyone sees it that way now anyways.:bs: