Saleen Saleen computer reprogrammable??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 2kSVT, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. I am installing a Saleen series II on my N/A 4.6 2v S281 in the near future. I spoke to a guy at the shop that will be tuning my car after the install. He said that Saleen locked the that they could not be re programmed. My guess is so that people couldn't jack up the tune..blow the motor, and cry "warranty"?? I spoke with a guy on the Saleen forum, that just did the same install. While he is not 100% certain, but he thinks they re tuned his Saleen computer after the install. The tuner suggested finding a GT 5 speed computer from another 2001, preferrably with my code (G1Z2)
    Is anyone on here aware of whether you can or can not re-tune a Saleen installed computer?? Thanks in advance

  2. The ECU can be flashed back to stock by the dealer. At that point your tuner if he uses SCT can retune the car. If he uses Diablo he will be stuck.
  3. They do use SCT software/handhelds for datalogging/tuning! By the dealer do you mean...a Ford dealer...or send it to Saleen??
    Thanks for the help!