Saleen Forms "SMS Limited" Performance Portfolio

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  1. Steve Saleen just recently announced that he and an elite few have formed a new niche performance organization dubbed SMS Limited?, LifestylePerformance Automobiles; a capstone nameplate in the Saleen enterprise. With a vast racing and performance history behind him, Saleen is no stranger to the business, especially the Ford Mustang. He founded Saleen Autosports in 1983, Saleen Productions in 1993, SaleenSpeedlab in 1997, Saleen Performance in 1999, Saleen, Inc. in 2001 andnow SMS Limited in 2008. Quite the laundry list of success! During the time he spent with his numerous quality brands, he took on many different roles, from product design development to the sales room floor. With all this behind him, Steve now has his sights with SMS focused on the elite side of the American Muscle cars (Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger (, Chevrolet Camaro ( as well as Global Supercar markets. View attachment 326747 </img> View attachment 326748 </img> View attachment 326749 </img> View attachment 326750 </img> View attachment 326751 </img> View attachment 326752 </img>