SOLD Saleen Foxbody Progressive Rate Lowering Springs

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SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
Time for these to go.
I don't really want to sell them, but I have no use for them either. (which would make me a hoarder).

Not sure the actual miles.
They still sit and ride fine.
The rears have more miles than the fronts.
Fronts have been off the car for quite some time when I went to a terminator engine.

Fronts have decent isolators, they are reusable.
I didn't run iso's in the back, but you should.

Some paint has peeled off, but it's just surface.
From what I know they are similar to the eibach lowering kit which costs about $250 without the isolators.

Pic of car is how it sat last time all 4 springs were together. (fairly old pic)
They are heavy, I will ship them, but it may not be cost effective.
I'm in Jackson NJ.

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Not open for further replies.