Roush Saleen Inc.'s new owner

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  1. Say "Howdy" to the new boss.

    Scooped by "The Other Board".
  2. what does this mean for them?

  3. Is this an Investment Group or what exactly are they???
  4. I looked all over that site, but couldn't find when they took over. Does "the other board" say how long they have owned them? As of last year, Tony Johnson still owned the company. I guess Mustangs aren't his bag anymore.

  5. Couldnt find any other info than this. Still woudl like to find out more details.
  6. Copied from the website of Hancock Park Associates....

    > September 23, 2003
    > HPC II, L.P. closes an investment in Saleen, Inc., a manufacturer of
    > premium, high-performance vehicles with operations in Irvine, CA and Troy,
    > MI. The Company currently produces several vehicles based on Ford's
    > Mustang, with new models coming for the Thunderbird and Focus platforms.
    > The Company also manufactures an American Supercar, the Saleen S7,
    > which was developed by Saleen from the ground up. Saleen's Troy, MI
    > operation, has been selected by The Ford Motor Company to assemble the
    > much anticipated Ford GT, a limited production vehicle that will launch mid-
    > year 2005.

    Saleen is no longer owned by Tony Johnson or Hidden Creek.
  7. enough it does not say they purchased the entire company or took control of the company, but that they closed an investment. If you look at any of their other press releases when they take control they say they did.

    Until we see an official press release from Saleen regarding a change of ownership or management, speculating as to such a change is just spreading rumor and gossip....................and doesn't do anyone any good.
  8. Couldnt agree with you more S281COBRA, I have seen no press realease and have heard nothing of the the change over of new owners. Not press release nothing, so I guess it is safe to say...hearsay and speculation.

  9. Well, the new owners have been busy making changes. How do I know this? Well, I did talk to Liz last week, that might have clued me in. Then again, I also know how to read...

    Every time I do something, I do not release a press release. Seems that HPA is operating in a similar fashion. I don't think they need to tell me their every move either.

    Speaking of public anouncements- Kevin, what are the new toys? I tried to pass on to you a message saying that if any of the toys were not "street legal", I could make arraigments to show up with a drive-away tag, so we could do some "test and tune" work. Let me know what your plans are, I will be out on the left coast several times this year, and if needed, will be happy to add in another week of vacation, as one can never have too much.

    When I read something on "The Other Board" about Saleen, I can usually expect it to be true. Afterall, it was there I learned all about the Saleen S7 *MONTHS* before the car was announced, and the same applied for the "E" car. Perhaps it has something to do with several Saleen Inc. employees having acounts there, even Liz and Steve have been known to be on "The Other Board".

  10. tks for the info/update Mike. The "left" coast reference is quite funny :nice:
  11. Hey Mike

    If you have some inside info that's cool, but if this is based on what was posted on the "Other Board", all that is is the same as what was posted here. Because of all the previous rumors and gossip flying around about "new" owners, and because of my past experiences with people spreading rumors, I'm going to be skeptical until I see proof to the contrary.

    email me about the "NEW TOYS!" I'll fill you in, I've got three so far, looking for 2 more, and yes so far one of them is not street legal................and all I'll say "publicly" is that they all follow the "horse" theme...... :D


    P.S. I agree with you about not publicizing every business transaction, sometimes it is better to keep those things close to the vest........G
  12. I wish I could be a more help but now that I think about it, I may have read in the LA Times "ventura county edition" all about the new ownership. But this was several months ago and I didnt save the issue. sorry
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