Saleen pics are up!

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  1. Some larger pictures for you guys.
  2. OKAY.....I LOVE IT! The grill has a '65-66 shelby look to it,overall it has a '67-68 shelby look to it,i really like this!
    This is what is awful about buying new cars,you get a '95 cobra,here comes the 300HP '96,you get a '01 cobra,here comes the '03,you get a '01 Bullitt,here comes the mach 1,you get a '05 GT,here comes a awesome looking can't keep up!!

  3. Wow...that is ugly.
  4. I think that everybody is trying to go ultra modern on a retro car. I saw a rendering of a boss as well as an eleanor and they looked awesome. The saleen is ok except for the 80's style grill, the taillights, and spoiler. The stance is awesome but there is too much going on, there is no focal point. I guess I like something a little more subtle. I also care more about how it runs and not so much how it looks.
  5. OK Saleen,

    Please return the 3 bar tail lamps and give me some better rims and it might get my vote.

    So far though, Saleen's design kick's the balls off of Roush's POS.
  6. First thought when I looked at it. "Are those Crossfire rims?"

    No thanks :)
  7. Aside from the lack of three element taillights, I think it's BEAUTIFUL.
  8. the rear end is too long. Looks extended. Great stance. Like everyone else, the best concept so far!

  9. where on this board? I dont see any inkling of 05 info.
  10. I like it. But then again, Saleen's have always been my dream car. What is up with fog lights though? Look a little trippy.
  11. The steering wheel looks much better
  12. The exhaust is pretty cool, the hood is ****in' but overall... i wasn't impressed. But yes, blows Roush right out of the water. MRT & CDC have the best so far... waitin' on Cervini...
  13. That looks those are just covers on the stock lights...maybe they can be removed?
  14. That looks those are just covers on the stock tail lights...maybe they can be removed?
  15. are there any HP numbers for it
  16. Go to for the performance numbers. But it is 325hp for the S281, 400hp for the S281 SC, and 500hp for the S281-E!
  17. Do i love it? No.

    Do i like it? Yes.

    Would i buy it? Absoloutly not, but then i don't like the Saleen look anyway, not simple enough for my tatses.

    But it is the best looking aftermarket 05 i've seen yet. Its not grotesque like the other kits we've seen to date. It actually looks like a production model rather than a tacked on piece of crap full of fins, air vents and other such nonsense.

    But the back is WAY too long. The 05 production model rear is a few inches longer than the concept, which was a bit of a dissapointment, but this is longer again, which makes me think of a Mazda RX-7. Look at the tail lights, they are tucked away INSIDE the rear fender extensions. It also has one rear spoiler too many.

    But well done to Saleen, at least its not embarassing.
  18. Rear spoiler looks like somebody left it laying on the trunk. Looks a little better without it IMO.


  19. Saleen did a great job IMO, looks wayyy better then the stupid Roush version.