Saleen pics are up!

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  1. If you guys go to that site, look at the pics of the exhaust... Is it me, or are those tail pipes just for looks???? The mufflers have a dumps on them! WTF?
  2. This is it! Lower front air dam, shortened rear and no double spoiler.
    Now that's a beauty!

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  3. The mufflers look like they are dual outlet the inside outlet goes to the center exhaust tip and the outer outlet is a dump.
  4. That's really gay. What's the purpose of that? What a waste.
  5. RE: The exhaust

    It is what Saleen is calling "Dual on demand exhaust pipes"

    For day to day driving the engine flows through the two main pipes in the rear center, but when you jump on the gas a valve opens allowing the exhaust to exit thru two additional pipes that are tucked up and under, the ones coming off the mufflers.

    Due to D.O.T. “pass by” testing requirements Saleen had to turn the secondary pipes downward at the tips so the sound was bounced off the pavement rather than flowing straight out the rear.

    Thus is the problem of being a "Manufacturer" vs a "Tuner".
  6. I thinks this hood is beter than the original. It looks more aggresive if you see it from the front.