Roush Saleen Rear Lower Control Arms?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by ponyguy, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Call me a stupid purist but I would like to stay with all Saleen parts if I can.

    Are Saleen LCA's any good in comparison say to the popular Maximum Motorsports, Steeda, etc.

    What is their bushing set up, are the solid urethane, or multi step like Steeda?

    Saleen website does not provide much useful info.
  2. how is the noise with Global West having a spherical bearing. i like the look and theory behind these though.
  3. I have the MM arms on my Saleen. They are really designed to be used with a panhard bar. Without the panhard, the axle tends to walk side to side. I'm having issues with the tires hitting the fender lips under hard cornering.

    Supposedly that doesn't happen with the GW arms, but I have no tech to back up that theory.
  4. The spherical bearing does transmit axle noise into the passenger compartment. Minor trade off for me.

    As for lateral movement, the chasis end of the LCA's are supposed to reduce that. In my situation I do see minor rub marks on my exhaust from my tires. Still trying to determine what is shifting, (exhaust, axle or both) during hard turning. I'm leaning to towards the play in the exhaust hangers.
  5. I'm running the MM with the panhard bar & torque arm and it works great. I have not had the problem tfalk is having.