Roush saleen rip off

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  1. I Went To Galpin Motor This Weekend To See The New Supercharged Saleen In Yellow And They Wanted To Trade In My 2004 Saleen Sc Full Loaded 3000 Miles And Give Me 24000 For The Car,can You Belive It I Was Shocked I Called The Salesperson Who Sold Me The Car In The Begining And Told Him You Told Me That This Cars Hold There Value What The Hell Is This And He Couldnt Even Look At My Face So Basicaly I Wwas Gone Be 12000 Upside Down And Then They Wanted 15000 Down 1100 Payments For The New One I Told The M To Go Screw Ur Selfs Just Wanted To Share This With You Guys I Was So Pissed Off And After Lookin At The Car I Like Mine Better Looks Mean And Exotic Where The New Saleen Looks Like A Gt More With A Roush Style Body Kit
  2. Here theres a 40th edition GT thats dresed up 100% like a roush stage 3.

    I was under the impression that the roush stage 3 was not a 40th edition stang.

    the sticker said 2 door coupe GT
  3. I know this might not be what you want to hear, but yesterday i looked at an 05 non supercharged, and an 04 fully loaded, $44k for the 05, and $36 for the 04.
    They had my interest until i did a little reasearch. NOTHING other than an E and S351 is worth more than $30000 now.
    And i could build the 05 for around $35 which would save 10 grand. So i'd rather wait a year or 2 to get a used one, so i could have the real deal, at a fair price.
    Mark at Performance auto Sport Said he could get me an E for 36,000, so what the hell would i buy a regular supercharged car for $36 for.

    I believe the new 05 mustang has devalued any mustang 87+ newer, by about 50%, and judging by the 24,000 the want to give you, i am right.
  4. Wow, as bad as $24K sounds that seems to be the going rate on Ebay. 281E's are selling for under $30K. S351's are selling for mid 20's. I bought my 01 SC for $22.5K in November and feel I should have waited for the price to drop even more.

    All of the saleens have taken a major hit except for the S7's. Dealers are having problems selling the 05's. I wish I would have bought a used 03-04 cobra as they are holding their value better. Many of the used 03 cobras are selling for 23K-25K and were selling for this amount back in November. The 2001 S281SC's are selling for $17K-$20K now.

  5. Show me where you can buy any S281E for under 30K. I will buy it tomorrow. No questions asked.

    I agree prices are a bit funky right now. That is what happens when a new bodystyle is introduced.

    One fellow on here just purchased a 95 S351 for 25k but its a rough driver. S281E's are still 35k cars and respectable supercharged S351's are going for around the same. With the exception of that black 02 S281E and red E car on ebay right now everything else is junk. Lot's and lot's of 99-04 S281's S/c and N/A are around. It's flooded I agree. How many miles on your 01 S281SC? Whosdady Congrats! $22.5 is a great price! If it's a clean car I don't think you could do much better unless it has more than 50K miles on the clock.

    Oh yea, Why would you want a Cobra? If you bought one you would have asked yourself every day what it's like to own a Saleen. If you want to blend in buy a Grand Am.
  6. I don't think the E's are selling for under $30k, but the bidding is has NOT gone over $30k on a few of them i've watched.
    But none met the reserve so...

    But as i would like to replace my fox with a newer saleen, the fear of major value loss is a deterent.

    I do like the 03/04 cobra (like the saleen version best, but they are few and far between i'm noticing).
    I like the unlimited HP potential on them, but would opt to ditch IRS which definetely wouldn't please you saleen nutballs.

    Only car i can really see myself in is an s351. I don't think the torque and HP in the E would be enough for me.
    What was the last year of the S351?

    I figure the new saleens after being used for a year, and with the advent of the shelby cobra will have a major price drop. Then maybe i'll get in on one. The new chasis is freaken awesome, but i like to run Drag radials on the street and i'm not so sure how long it's going to take to get 20's in our hands.

    I can see why Whosurdaddy likes the 03/04 cobras, i kind of agree with him, if you need looks and massive reliable power, they really can't be beat.
    Not to mention you can resell a $30,000 car for $23,000 the same as people get for a $40,000+ saleen.
    Do NOT take this the wrong way, i love the saleen look, and wish to own one, but sometimes finances and logic tells you it's not such a hot idea.
  7. I should have been more clear...

    The highest biding for E's has been under $30K on ebay. ($25K-$28K) With that being said I am only familiar with one that has sold and that was for $29K. This was a friend of mine who lives here in St. Louis and tried to sell his for 7 months. My point was that no one is willing to pay more than $30K for one right now. Back in November I was offered a black 02 E for $31K with 6K miles.

    There are mulitple 351's that have sold for under $28K. If I am not mistaken one sold on Ebay just this past week a 95 or 96. Plus you know about the 99 that sold in the B.J. auction for $28K last month.

    As much as I hate to admit it, our cars have depreciated greatly over the past year. Blue book for my car is $28K but I doubt I could get more than $19K for an 281SC with 20K miles...

    There are just too many new cars that are as capable that are selling for the same amount or less...
  8. I paid $19,000 for my '02 281 Coupe with 11,000 on the odometer. As far as the new one goes, I would be happy with the previous body style. Just take care of it and in years people will appreciate it moreso. I believe what hurts them these days is the fact that more are made. But hell who really cares I plan to keep mine for years and years. I will pull it out in 10-20 years and break more necks than the 2025 Saleens that will be out then.
  9. The E cars was a marketing disaster by Saleen, not to many people even know what they are?? Then throw in the 03 Cobra for $10 grand less and that's why those cars have lost their value

    The 99 that sold at Barrett Jackson was a huge STEAL. Its pretty obvious that the people at that auction had no idea what that car was. They were into classic muscle cars or exotics. The person who bought that car would have no problem selling it for $40,000. Just ask Mark at PerformanceAutoSport what he sold that 99 Yellow S351 coupe for..... The white 95 S351 that sold last week went for $25,000, another good deal. Don't get me wrong, you can find S351's for the mid $20,000 but most are T-Code Model's with no options or ones with lots of problems. Any 96-98 S351 supercharged coupe will go in the mid $30,000 with the speedsters going close to $40,000........

    All cars depreciate, Period. The second you drive the car off the lot, it lost value and it doesn't matter which make or model you buy. My brother bought a 2002 BMW M5 with an MSRP of $93,000 used six months later for $58,000!!! Now let me do the math, that's a much larger depreceation rate then our cars!!! But I do agree one of the many contributors is the production numbers Saleen put out between 99-04. They made more cars in the last five years then they did the first 15 years of existance!!! Just food for thought
  10. I understand the concept of depreciation on a new car but my issue is the depreciation I have seen on our used Saleens. (04 and lower)

    In 2003 I was looking at a 1999 911 Porsche. The average price on ebay was around $40K with less than 10K miles. Today in 2005, the average price is $39K for the same mileage.

    In 2004 I bought a 2001 Saleen 281SC. The average price was around $25K with under 20K miles. Today that same car is worth $18K. The Porsche depreciated $1K over 2 years while my Saleen depreciated roughly $7K over 6 months.

    In reality, the value of our saleen's has dropped dramatically... The 351, E, and SC are suffering the most at the present time and in that order. BJ, ebay and other local sales have made this obvious to me. If you don't believe me, contact your local Ford dealer. I was told that 04 and lower Saleens have taken a major hit over the last year and it is all they can do to get them off their lots. Many dealers still have new 03's sitting. (check out ebay or the DuPont Registry) For those of you that don't see this, I fear it will only get worse as new cars are coming out, leaving ours older with more miles. Saleen used to have a major increase gap in performance between stock. Today the performance is very close. The 03/04 cobras killed the E, 351 and SC Saleens. Who wants to spend more and get less.
  11. The resale value of a Saleen sucks!!!!
    I love my car and it gets looks like no other but if I could go back I would have bought a Cobra!!
    I think for the money Saleens cost and the lack of power and resale value, its almost depressing.
  12. It is sad to see how much the prices have gone down recently. When I bought mine, new in late ’99, I was not concerned at all with depreciation. The looks, relative rarity and exceptional power (in ’99) hooked me. The prices now suck but I am just living with it. At least our house has more than doubled in the last three years.
  13. that's funny, no cobra Ive come up against has killed my two 351's. Oh yeah and those Cobra's were with mods where as mine are still stock. :D

    The purchase of a Saleen has changed dramatically over the past ten years. It was extremly rare to find one for sale and when you did, you had to think a long time before you were willing to spend the money. Dealers and owners weren't willing to let them go for any less due to the extremly low number of units available. Since Saleen made more cars the past 5 years (99-04) then they did the first 15 years of existance (84-98), that created the resale value to decline. If they would have made 500 or less cars per year, the resale value would have been much higher. Instead, Saleen produced 8 trillion cars and gave dealerships the ablilty to sell the car for much less knowing they could always replace it will three more just like it. If ANY exotic car company decided to produce the number of units Saleen did, it would have the same dramatic effect on them as well.
  14. I remember a guy in my hometown in '89 when I was 19 this guy in my town had a dark blue (not sure of specific color) hatch Saleen that was the only one around here. He paid a penny for it as well for a car in '89. I purchased a '90 LX new and there were 3 '89 SC on the lot then leftover. Fast forward to the future '05 and there are atleast 5 '00-04 in my area. If you saw a Saleen when the Fox Bodys were made you would break your neck to look. With the later models it does not have the same feeling and I own an '02. Next purchase will be a 87-93 Saleen. I did not buy my car for the resale value. I bought it cause it is "power in the hands of a few". :D
  15. When I said the cobra killed the 351, E and SC I was referring to the resale value but I suppose you could reference it to their performance and potential as well.

    You must have one special 351. Consisder yourself lucky. I have never seen a stock 351 take out an 03/04 cobra. Sure if the cobra driver lives at the senior care facility maybe, but... The fastest stock 351 1/4 time I have witnessed was a 12.85 and he put down 411rwhp. I have heard of others who have claimed to do better but I have witnessed multiple 12.7's, 12.8's and up from stock cobras. I have also seen a cobra with under $1K in mods do an 11 sec pass. Most 351's I have seen have blown their motors and have made improvements over stock. A blown cobra motor is pretty rare. Even comparing apples to apples the cobra wins hands down. I don't think anyone can argue that the potenial of the cobra is by far greater than that of the 351... And unless your 351 lives in a bubble, it could have ten years of rock chips, a fraying top and wrinkled seats. That by itself makes is significantly less than a new car.
  16. Not to jack this thread or anything, but 03-s281, what mods do you have done to be running 12.7 on a n/a motor. I also have a n/a saleen(do plan on supercharging this winter) and would love to have my car running under 13.
  18. As far as an 03/04 cobra compares to an s351, i'm not sure.

    But i do know that from being in many fast pushrod mustangs, i'd rather have a pushrod engine.

    With that said, my buddy's o3 cobra that makes around 650 to the wheels, it's wicked fast from a roll, but can easily lose to a low 12 or high 11 second car on the street. Traction is horrific.
  19. Stock 03/04 cobra take a Supercharged S351, sorry not going to happen......

    even with my car not stock, I know I can't take a S351 from a standing start especially if it gets hooked up properly, upper rpm is a different story, from roll-ons I was able to keep up with a friends S351.......

    So to even say a lightly modified 03/04 cobra can kill a S351 is just plain silly.

    As for resale value, S351's hold their value very well, a well maintained car still sells for about what it did a couple of years ago. What tends to appear to skew the pricing are the cars that come up for sale that are really beat-on or damaged and repaired.

  20. Amen, my brother. my 89 convert. gets lots of respect and plenty of looks for being what it is. A Fox body Saleen.