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  2. Undoubtably we are pushrod guys, i've never been in a modular engined car, where i wanted the driver to stop and let me out. (i have a friend with a kb 03 that makes 651 to the wheels, and just doesn't feel the same).
    A pushrod with 650 to the wheels is border line insane.

    But what i was saying anyway about the E, is that if the car is worth 35,000. On a regular 4.6 it would definetely take at least 6,000 (on the low end) to get the motor and fuel up to speed, so you are already up to around 27,000-30,000. Might as well have an E if that's the case.

    Every once in a while i get a good look at a newer mustang, and have that itch to go newer, but thankfully it goes away quickly.

    I'd also like to note for the 4.6 supercharged cobra lovers, that from a stand still, they SUCK on the street. (and most of them at the track too). 12 second foxes could be them to 115mph on the street, even the cobras that trap at 130mph.
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    Wow My Post Turned Up To Be A Hit In The Market.i Still Think That Saleens Are Good Fun Cars To Drive And Yeah Cobra Has A Better Motor And A Blower But With The Right Mods On A 04 Sc Will Smoke A Z06 And A Cobra And A Lot More .the Mods Include 75mm Tb,lightning 90mm Mass Air Flow,42lb Injectors,focus Fuel Pump,2.9 Pully And A Computer Chip Tune You Push 380 Eazy To The Rear Thans To My New Thats All I Still Love My Car But Galphin Is An A Hole I Bought Cars From Them For Years I Told Them To F Off Lol
  4. I have an '02 non-SC with 11,000 on it. I was wanting to "hop" it up but I wanted to do it right. No shortcuts whatsoever. I have a BBK cold air intake on it now and that is it. What would you fellas recommend me doing? As I stated I want it done right but I want anywhere from 375-450 HP if possible. Thanks for your help.
  5. If you want that kind of rwhp you are going to need a poweradder for sure. Do searches on centrifical vs twin screw or roots or whipple or kenne bell blowers. You have a lot of options depending on how you want to make your power. You will need to upgrade your fuel system with a increased lph fuel pump and slightly bigger injectors. After that you are going to need to get a good tune. Look at other fellows same year car as yours signatures and look at their combo's. Most list their hp and trq ratings also.

    Good luck
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    Yeah Need To Do Reaserch On The Car I Have Bassani X Pipe Installed On My Car Thinkin Of Changing It To Dr.gas X Pipe The Cars Not Loud As My Old 99 Was With The Bassani And Borla I Dont Know But I Think Magnaflow Sucks Iam Not Shure Yet Though Lol
  7. Bassani is way better than dr. gas, i would NOT swap that pipe out.
  8. Saleen value for Fox cars and 94 to 00 S351's have and will continue to have no problem bringing top dollar if its sharp

    It was mentioned before, but perhaps not enough focus was directed to it, so I will remention that when a new body style is introduced, usually, there is a buzz around these new cars which brings buyers to the forefront. More times then not, these buyers are also the same buyers that have looked at older models, etc, so demand takes a hit for a short period of time. Mod motors are certainly a thing of the future and Ford is just now really digging in their bag of developments, so it may get even worse before it gets better for the Saleen collecter/owner.

    I certainly agree the E model was not what Saleen had in mind when SVT revealed the 03 these models might never really be worth big money cause we are living in a performance era and the Cobra is dominating the Ford market right now and will probably we the main discussion 20 yrs from now when performance is talked about standing around the camp fire...

    I did not and still do not like the new Saleen. Phil Frank put to many before ideas into the current model. I really thought he would wiggle something up that would just stand out, but I dont believe he achieved this.

    I thoughts on the 03/04 cobra, over 11 thousand of those suckers are rolling down the street, and beside the front air dame and the cobra emblem, it is sometimes difficult to tell its a cobra when its moving..where as a Saleen, there is no mistake. Cobra owners will always mention the price difference, and they are certainly right, but cobra owners buy their cars for the performance, Saleen owners like performance but looks are what we strive for imho.

    Last thing on the E model series V blowers...they have the same capibility of a KB twin screw fact, they are make by the same company...22~25 lbs of boost is very achievible with higher octane and different pulley/tune...550~600 rwhp is certainly not out of the question, its just most E owners are nervous about upping boost on a limited production car
  9. I would have to disagree with the Magnaflow sucking part-

    look for the exhaust comparison, Magnaflow actually did quite well-
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    But In General I Think That The 99 To 2004 Saleen Look Way Cooler And Mean Sports Car Look Than The 05 Looks Like A Gt More Like .i Pull Up To A 360 Modena On Pch And Everyone Is Mad Checkin Out My Car Than The 360 So I Love This Body Style
  11. saleen

    But In General I Think That The 99 To 2004 Saleen Look Way Cooler And Mean Sports Car Look Than The 05 Looks Like A Gt More Like .i Pull Up To A 360 Modena On Pch And Everyone Is Mad Checkin Out My Car Than The 360 So I Love This Body Style
  12. I just bought a fully loaded 04 21SC vert for $39,000. To me, for the power, seats for 4, sound, simplicity, looks, buildability,there's nothing better. I was looking at other verts and really, only the Audi S4 did it for $60K. You don't buy cars to make money, they more or less all drop like a rock. Buy a Ferrari if you want little to no depreciation.
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    I 2ND THAT VOTE :nice:
  14. Or one of these... :)[​IMG]

  15. Yeah thats Schielers white Saleen. Ive got the blower now I just need the engine!!!! I had to trade in that Heaton M90, it just wasnt makin enough power. My 96 procharged GT pulled harder then that M90. I am looking forward to the Novi 2000!!!!!! Jake

    Schielers Saleen Video
  16. That video is incredible. How much money you think he has in that thing? Hell I could get to work in 10 minutes with that much.
  17. I just got back in town and noticed while reading Motor Trend at the airport that saleen has made another enemy. Read the 3rd or 4th page in from the front. This seemed like very negative feedback from a major magazine...
  18. Hey I was just paying attention that "Saleen Flyby" happened about 10 minutes from my house. The whole scene on I485 wow!
  19. So you live in Charlotte?
  20. I live in Monroe. If you take that Providence Rd. exit to 84 then take that into Monroe you will me at my place.