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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by POWERS, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. In preparation to sell my '06 Gt I just had the Saleen supercharger removed. Looking to sell it obviously.

    I have a couple goodies to go with it including:
    Brand new set of HTO plugs still in the box
    Both stock 7.5 pulley and 10.5 pulley
    Auto-meter boost, water temp, and wideband A/F gauges
    Saleen Extreme Intake and 90 mm Mass air
    A pillar three gauge pod

    Would love to sell it all together and would also like to get the stock a pillar, MAF and intake with air box of whomever buys it.

    Any interest?
  2. I'm in Florida too. Please send me your contact information and some pictures to [email protected]
  3. how much are you asking for this? what is included with the kit? do you have any pics please send them to [email protected]
    thanx, really interested,
  4. Price and Pics

    How many miles has the SC racked up?
    What year or model is it?
    Any damage?
  5. Thanks for the interest, it looks like i May have it sold. But sometimes things fall through and if it does ill let you guys know.
  6. is it sold?
  7. Actually it hasn't sold. The shop were I had it taken off had a guy that swore he had three different people that wanted and long story short he never came through. So yes it is still for sale.

    Its the Saleen Series IV Supercharger off an '06 GT.

    I have some extras with it like
    -the stock pulley and 10.5 psi pulley.
    -Diablo Sport Tuner
    -Brand New HT0 Autolite Spark Plugs
    -90mm Mass Air
    -39 LB. Injectors

    I also have a couple other pieces if you are interested in them and are willing to swap me your stock pieces.

    -A-pillar 3 guage pod with Wideband A/F, Boost, and Water Temp Autlite Cobalt Guages.

    -Saleen Extreme Intake

    I'm sure everyone on here knows the details of the supercharger and that its about 6k brand new so I wont bore you with that.

    I'm looking to get $3500 for everything or make me an offer. It will probably be going on e-bay this weekend.
  8. I saw that there were a couple of you interested in it before if still interested let me know and I'll get you pics and what ever info you need.
  9. OK will snap some shots tonight when I get home and shoot them over to you.

  10. Did it sell because it says the ebay link has been removed..
  11. is this sold?
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