Saleen S281 Obd2/dlc No Communication Help!


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Sep 16, 2016
Sup guys. 1st post, don't hate. I finally had to take to actually asking the forums.

First off this isn't the regular No comm issue.

I've done as much research as I can and can't find anything to help.

I went to smog at a local shop. Nearly nothing has changed since my last smog.
I go in, and find out the smog shop can't can't communicate with my car.
It doesn't pull a single monitor, not "not ready", not "ready", not s#*t. After scanning a few minutes of BAR-IOS (they're smog setup) running for my modes and PINs, it came up with "Invalid data received from vehicle, power cycle the vehicle and try again"

We checked fuses in the bay and everything was fine. Checked fuses in the cabin and found two blown fuses. One being the cig lighter.
According to everyone on the web. The cig lighter plays a huge part in it, but when we replaced both fuses we still had the same problem.

We took a break from it and let the next customer attempt to smog. Hoping it was his system. And they smogged fine

I went to checking for shorts:

At the data link connector I've checked pin 16 and I'm good there. But at pin 4 I couldn't get continuity. Is this my problem??

The scan tool they use gets power. The cig lighter now works. All fuses are fine.

If the ground on my DLC is shorted (PIN4) what's my quickest and best bet for a fix? The car drives perfect. Scan tools power up but can't retrieve monitors. PCM is fine, I'd rather not swap because of the small saleen tune on it. Every few horsepower counts haha

Would a new DLC being spliced in fix the problem? Or how deep of a hole am I in...
Thanks guys!

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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
To avoid confusion, please confirm the model year of your Mustang.

Confirm there is always on power at pin #16. Test using a known good ground. Repeat the tests using the DLC grounds.

There are several grounds on the DLC connector.

Measure the resistance back to battery negative with the key off. Should be very low. Post.

The fact there were fuses blown also opens up the possibility that wires have been burned up. Exactly WHICH fuses were blown?

1999-2004 BJB CJB fuse panel layout