Saleen S351 Double Stack Spoiler NJ

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by 2badazzstangs, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. will the spoiler fit the stock holes on a 98 trunk deck?
  2. Pretty sure it mounts right up. Put a S281 wing on after I took this off and the holes were exactly the same.
  3. can you get a shipping quote to 06468 for the spoiler?
  4. wing

    Do you still have the wing, if so can I get a shipping quote to South Carolina 29150. Thanks,
  5. Still have the spoiler. Not sure if I want to ship it. I can't see it being cheap. I will investigate it though.
  6. can you give me your zip code and an estimate on weight for the spoiler? trying to decide if its worth shipping or driving...
  7. Would ship from 08043. Not sure on weight. I'm guessing 15 lbs or so.
  8. how would we determine if it is package shipping or freight shipping?
  9. you need to do me a favor and measure the length, width, height and girth of the spoiler to see if the postal service can take it
  10. Dimensions are:

    62"L x 20"W x 8"H

    Doubt the post office will do it. Fed Ex or UPS will be cheaper.
  11. saleen s351 spoiler

    Do you still Have the Saleen s351 spoiler I live in 08081 I will pick it up tomarrow call me if you have it still or know where I can get one fast 609-685-1918 Thanks Bill
  12. Still have the spoiler. PM me if your interested.
  13. still have
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