Roush Saleen S351 or 95 Cobra R

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  1. Does anybody know what camshaft was used in the Saleen S351 or the 95 Cobra R. Both cars had the 351w as the engine platform!!:D Part # or something???
  2. 95 Cobra R ???/

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    yes there was an 95 Cobra R... it had a 351, only came in white and didn't have things like A/C or rear seats if i can remember:shrug: there was only 300or was it 500, made:nice:
  4. Head over to and go into the Cobra R section. They might be able to help you out.

    Here is some more info in case you are curious...

    Only 250 were made, but 248 were sold. Ford kept the #1 and #2 R. And the only way you could by them from the floor was if you had a registered racing license. No one from the general public could by it. The 1993 Cobra R 107 were made and most of them were bought by collectors. That is not what Ford intended them to be bought for. So when the 95 R came, Ford wanted them on the track, hence only selling to race car drivers.

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    1999 S-281, 95 Cobra R and 2000 Cobra R.... sorry, couldn't resist :)


    Engine shot from the 95:

  6. the 93 Cobra R's could only be purchased if you had a racing license also...
  7. camshaft specs

    I have the specs for a cam from Saleen for the S351R. I am tolf there are a few different grinds. The Cobra R I am not sure about. I can try to find out if you are looking for a stock cam for one. I am pretty sure though that it ran the same camshaft as a lightning since the motors were pretty close to the same.
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  8. S351r

    So what are the cam spec? Are they strictly for a supercharged engine or NA.
    I have a 95 Saleen clone with a S351 hood. I will be building up a 351 to drop into it. What did Saleen do to make sure there was enough clearance between the intake and hood?

  9. What happened to the splitter on the "2000 Cobra R"? :shrug: :shrug:
  10. It's removeable for normal driving so it doesn't get scrapped. I'm sure that's why it's not on there.