Saleen SC Style Wheels

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  1. Have you seen these? They come in 4 and 5 lug, deep dish, and are totally badass. Does anybody know anything else about them? Weight? Quality?


    My apologies if I'm not allowed to post that pic. But they are SWEET! :D

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  2. All I know is the company that makes them sells them on ebay. Oh, and I also know I dig um too!
  3. there is like a 20 page thread about them in the wheel/tire forum on Corral
  4. I think I likey. I wonder what the $$$$ is for them. Im to lazy to search for it, someone will post it soon im sure. but serious I like those. Wonder how they would look on my black GT??
  5. I don't think those exact wheels ever came on a SSC.

    They are modeled after the stern 1-peice wheels thought
  6. You are correct. They're sort of a new era version. I like'em a lot but i'd rather have the real deal.
  7. they are 125 a piece for 17x9, ill be making a purchase this spring. heres a chop with them on my car

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  8. Go for it and get them, I'm gettin the same wheels, just have to decide on black or silver. 5.0Resto has them for $118 each in all the sizes and colors.
  9. good looks 5point0dude
  10. No problem man, the black finish would look awesome on that sweet GT of yours.
  11. i hope they will, thanks for the compliment
  12. good god I'm getting me a set asap chrome 17x10 out back with a 3 1/2"lip:eek:
  13. Man I would love to see those chopped on my ride, can ya help out???:shrug:
  14. Im getting them to soon, heres a chop of mine


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  15. Here chop away please , not trying to jack your thread.

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  16. Will they come in 5-lug?

    They kinda already look like the wheels i have now though.
  17. yeah they come in 5 lug, check out 50 resto or wheel replicas

  18. NO! STAY WITH THE '95 COBRAS! :hail2:
  19. :stupid:
  20. I like the Cobra wheels, but they are curbed up and i've had them on the car for 5 years now. I want some new wheels with no curbing and something different.

    Plus i've been wanting to make a Saleen replica and those wheels in the normal silver finish would look hot!

    I basically want to make this

    Look like this