Saleen SC Style Wheels

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  1. ^ uh lets not do that.
  2. I'm not putting Saleen on the car anywhere. I just want to do the GFX, stripe kit and wheels.
  3. :nonono:
  4. The wheels and maybe a set of chevrons in silver, but i dunno about the rest. I'd rather slit my wrists than run a Saleen wing.

  5. :nono:
  6. put the stock lx wing back on and like it!

    looks PERFECT that way. the hatch you got is pretty much my wet dream :mad: dont runnin it!
  7. In a way i agree you. Sometimes i just want to put the stock LX wing back on, find a STOCK fiberglass hood and call it a day bodywise.

    Stock and black looks pretty hot to me too
  8. I think the Fox platform has come full circle and people are so exposed to the extreme racey looking builds that bone stock with nice wheels and stance is getting more attention and wow factor than body kits and big hoods.
  9. :stupid:

    i would trade in my new-edge saleens to run the fox style rims though, espically if they made a 17x8 5-lug (looks like they only make that size in 4 lug though)
  10. Mustang5L5, its sounds like a good plan, i think it would look good, its your car do with it what you want to do.