Saleen Saleen SCT Livewire Tuner????

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  1. So I'm looking, well technically I have ordered an SCT Livewire tuner for my 2006 Saleen 3V. A couple different people have told me that the tuner will either not load the tune on my car or will delete my old tune and tune my car to a bad tune that wouldn't work. The only real "Saleen" performance modification on the car the 3V gets is the Saleen Underdrive Pulleys. I'm wondering if first off anyone has any info or if anyone has ordered this tuner and been successful in tuning their Saleen....
  2. Even the S281 3V's came with a Saleen Powerflash Calibration.

    where did you order it from?

    and does it have a preloaded tune on it?

    I used the jdm SCT tune and it down loaded my Saleen tune before uploading the new one. Did you ask your source how it works?

    What I found interesting was all the stuff out there about this and that happening while doing a new tune.

    I'm pretty sure that by following the directions, when I did mine, and removing the fuses for the fuel pump before plugging it in, and closing the door while sitting inside, along with the correct time when to turn the key on and off, made a big difference.

  3. I called SCT and they gave me this incredibly complicated procedure to make sure that I retain my Saleen tune already in the computer. So you made the tune on your Saleen and it worked and everything? Did they give you a procedure as well?
  4. Do you really have to unplug the fuses on the fuel pump along with closing the door?....just curious.
  5. here is a link, they have alot of info here...

    It looks like with the livewire that you have coming you may not have to pull the fuses everytime, but the door may have to be closed, and the cord should be long enough to reach out throught the window. Make sure the key is in the right starting and finishing position everytime.

    With the Saleen tune you will want to store it in the tuner, looks like slot four is used for original tunes.

  6. Thanks for the info. Good to know. Plus the link really helps.
  7. Here's a direct link to the install pdf file---


    now you have me reading it again:D

    and it does mention high draw curcuits like fuel pumps and such, I had to pull my intercooler fuse too...

    Looks like a blast to play with!!

  8. Did SCT finally fix all of the issues with livewire? When it came out, we were all promised that it was going to be the cats meow. Most of us that had one, could barely use it and it didnt have half the functionality it said it was going to have.

    The tuner, as with all SCT tuners, SHOULD download your stock tune. When you go to load your new tune, it will automatically save your current file.
  9. You can make an offer on SCT Livewire tuners at the moment. That's a good option if you don't want to pay retail.