Saleen Series IV Blower Install completed Today!!!

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  1. Saleen Series VI Blower Install completed Today!!!

    I just got my car back from the dealer who was doing my Saleen Install

    I have only driven it about 5 miles but she feels very strng and now has a very high pitched whine under throttle!! :D :D :D

    Just thought I would share these with you!!!

  2. How much $ was the instal? Did you mail off the PCM to Saleen to get flashed? Did the dealer mess up any interior/exterior parts during the instal. When are you taking it to the DynoJet? When are you taking it to the 1/4 mile track?
  3. roy sounds more excited than the guy posting it...
  4. Looks fantastic - and that is one stealthy install. You'd never know there was a blower under that cover :D
  5. congratulations you lucky son of a gun. video, pretty please.

    btw, I do believe on the '05, the series blower is a VI, not IV. almost passed this thread up, but i saw it was posted up in SN 197 tech.
  6. Yep series 6.

    That deserves a :banana: Congrats!!
  7. You lucky dog!! Damn I want one of those. Where did you get yours from, the dealer?

    Geez, I guess I'll sell the Lightning so I can get this blower...
  8. I got it from Casey at Haney Motorsports
  9. Sorry for the typo - I was just so excited .... :lol:
  10. Take it easy royb - The dealer did a great job of the install!! Yes Saleen flashed the chip - it took 3 1/2 days to get it back - Probably go to dyno sometime in the next 2 weeks track in 3 weeks

    This thing feels like a completely different car - can't believe how mild mannered it is untill you get up in it and then she runs like crazzzy

    Has a very distinct high piched whine to it
  11. I just got back from Bridges where they redynoed my car with the new blower

    New Numbers:

    357.01 HP 354.83 TQ


    Run 001 is the stock dyno for reference

    Not bad for a bolt on with the stock Saleen Tune +83.2 HP!!

    Does seem to be running out of Fuel at the top though so I oly pushed it to 5750
  12. Nice. Out of curiosity, would replacing the stock intake with a CAI result in additional gains? :shrug:
  13. JDM has a thread over on modularfords where they are using a steeda intake with a 90 MM lightning MAF and 39# injectors running 430HP at the wheels!!

    So I would say YES!! (if the MAF was changed)
  14. Yup. Congrats. Talk about a grin on your face EVERYday. I know what it is like owning a new blower... A few times over. Soon I will have the same feeling on my 05 too... TRYing to be patient... LOL!

    You will love every minute of it.

    BTW- Jim would have installed the 255 LPH pump (As we have on our installs). I also have picked up a few TRIX in the last few weeks...

    Higher boost levels are planned on Jim's car, but Procharger has proven that 450 at the wheels will put you in the mid 11s, and if abused, will break parts...

    Clutch first, then the blocker rings, then the differential if you abuse it (Procharger has beaten the HELL out of them and proven this)! The car is just shy of pulling the wheels off the ground with drag radials and STOCK suspension...

    A quick burnout, 4000 RPM launch, and shifting at 6200, that's the ticket...

    Great piece. VERY nice, sano install. Stealthy! It is also cool you can add a Volant cold air intake and toss the stock box! I likey! Nothing quite like the howl of a SCREW blower. It is more aural and viceral than the higher pitch of a turbo, and similar to the Roots, but a higher pitch.
  15. Thats sweet, how much boost is it running?
  16. Im not impressed with those numbers at all. I love the Saleen charger but perhaps you should look to JDM for some tuning knowledge. ~350RWHP is pretty lame even with a stock airbox and stock exhaust.
    About 4 PSI.

  17. Yeah I'd have to agree with cleveland. I'm quite impressed yet. Some people are getting close to those numbers with just bolt ons.

    Let's see some new numbers with some new adjustments! :nice:
  18. 357.01 HP 354.83 TQ

    Looks good to me. You won't have to worry about wondering if you're going to blow your engine up the next time you stomp on the gas. If I get between 350-390 at the wheels without having to mod anything else, I'll be happy.

    When I can afford to rebuild the engine, then maybe I'll "swing for the fences."
  19. I completely agree - this set up is very drivable and very safe - until we see what the 3V 's weak points are I have no intention of swinging for the fences although it seems that 600 HP should be within the reange of this kit

  20. You've got the perfect attitude PolkThug !!