Saleen Series IV Blower Install completed Today!!!

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by [email protected], Jun 11, 2005.

  1. Yup, don't sweat the haters man, your car is awesome!!

  2. :stupid:

    I would keep it safe just like you man, no way would I want to risk anything over ~8psi and blowing the motor on a brand new car. Let someone else be the guinea pig. :D

    Also for a basic tune and only 4psi a 83hp jump at the wheels is pretty damn good.
  3. The whole point that I was trying to make is that this Saleen blower can produce a whopping 400+RWHP @ 4psi with the right tune and full exhaust.

    Its good that you are comfortable with what you've got, I wasnt trying to flame you or your SC because I would pick the Saleen as mine if I had the funds for it.
    Nitrous may be a good thing for me too, 100hp shot would be awesome.

  4. 5K+ for 83 hp? sure.. adding full exhust and other parts will make it faster.. but then why have the sc? they should have 400hp with everything else stock. fudging the numbers with the "extra" parts is just hiding what the unit will really do. =-/
  5. Cleveland Stanger is a dreaming Tool. 83 Hp gain is pretty weak,especially for the money. But, to each his own. Its better to have somthing to improve upon, then to get everything all at once and be bored, like me. Dont listen to the Haters. Oh Your car is a Manual, right? Of course it is.
  6. I don't know but I have 320RWHP at the wheels w/just bolt ons...I understand not wanting to blow up a new car but 5K better make me drag my bumper. Still not bad for the only mod to the car....
  7. Get a life buddy, quit trying to bug me about my transmission choice.

  8. Stupid question time...

    Where is the dang pulley on that thing? If it didn't say "Supercharged" on it I'd think it was just an airbox.
  9. It's there, on the bottom of the unit.
  10. WOW I think the numbers are great at 4lbs of boost. There might be a 15-17% loss from the crank to the wheels which is about right for a screw blower. I didn't see any temputure or humidity numbers on the dyno sheet so that can make a huge difference for the result. now come on an put a small pully on there and bump that boost up to 8lbs :p come on just for one dyno pull :p I'll pay for the dyno :banana: :banana: :banana:

    The Ford GT looses about 150 horsepower at 190mph with it's blower and it's a screamer.

    Replace the pistons with some forged ones and a good set of rings and a O ringed head gasket, injectors & pump and you will be set . allthough I though fuel flow would not be a problem......

    You've got one sweet stang :nice: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
  11. Let's keep it clean! Watch the insults. I don't wanna lock it or ban people.

    BTW, what the heck does his transmission have to do with anything?
  12. Stop ragging on this guy..He is only running 4lbs of boost...350 is respectable at 4 lbs of friggen boost.
  13. Thanx Royb

    By the way the Run Conditions were as follows on both days

    95 F
    27.5 In-HG
    Humidity 11% SAE correction 1.1
    Also stck tune from Saleen very lean in top should be good for another 35-45 HP with the MAF and tune fixed and another 750 RPM!
  14. Love the blower. The clean look after install is worth the price of admission. Gotta love the instant grunt of a screw type blower. I had a centrifugal on my '89 GT and didn't like the lack of boost at low RPM's. I think that your gains are inline with the low boost level. Some of the other 05 blower kits are 8-9 psi with not much more gain. How about some video with sound. Would love to hear it in action.
  15. I think that is the cleanest/nicest looking blower for the stang out there. Good enough performance numbers for me. You're one lucky man. I bet it can really plant you back in the seats now. Give us some more info on how it feels now.
  16. Im not raggin on anyone here btw. I was just reporting that another was able to get much more power than the thread starter.

  17. Who cares about his hp.. I think its ok.. plus he can BEEF it up at anytime for little $$ now. and its safe
  18. So how's the SC running? I'm want the Saleen but 5K for 83 hp is hard to swallow when I'm flipping the pages of 5.0 and see that Procharger claiming 525hp...tough call here.
  19. But that's at more then 4lbs of boost. It seems that a lot of people consider a SC just a set variable thing. I'm sure if he put different pullies on her and got 8-9-11lb boost he would put out more then 83HP.

    I would totally do what he did if I wanted to gank my warranty. 4lbs of boost with a CAI, axel backs, 250lb fuel pump and beefier injectors will put him well into 400+HP and still be pretty safe.

    Yahoo's that want to strap on a 11lb boost SC and crank it up to 500+HP on a brand new engine that hasn't been around long enough to establish a track record of what it can and can't handle is silly.

    Hate the haters :) They're just jealous of you.
  20. As Spaz said, the Saleen unit is only set for 4 psi. That level of boost is almost a waste of even having a 140 ci twin screw. We have our kit sitting here, waiting to go on our car. We plan to run about 10 psi with it, in an attempt to make our goal of about 500rwhp. I have run these blowers over 25 psi in the past, so the potential is there to make gobs more power. But we don't want to make more than 500rw on the stock motor.

    Also, I much prefer the low rpm torque band of a positive displacement blower on a heavy car like ours over a high rpm centrifugal. I won't have to launch the car at 4k, I can use the stock 3.55s, and the car will have tons more usable power on the street. Plus I like things that look more factory and clean.

    I will post all the dyno data once it's all on the car and tuned.