1. Yeah, that "other" huffer looks like arse with all the tubing and additional stuff.
  3. Looks good

    Congrats on the blower man! :nice:

    I want to get one too as soon as my money gets right... I'm still shopping around for which one I want to get, but right now it looks like this:
    1. For reliability it looks like the Saleen...
    2. For bang for the buck it looks like the Procharger...
    3. For kick ass torque it looks like the Whipple...

    I love torque, bang for the buck and reliability...

    So I'm wondering if I got the Saleen, what would it take to get it to
    about 400 ft/lbs of torque... Anybody here have ideas?

    Again, congrats on the blower, and enjoy... Maybe let us know what kind of fun you're having with it now!?

  4. Enjoy to the mod - I think its awsome! Just wonder - with the added torque down low - do you think gears would be overkill?
  5. I still believe that the Saleen is just about the best SC out right now if you follow the "formula" set forth by JDM Motorsports.

    I'll repeat it too, 430hp / 398 ft lbs.

    I'm going Nitrous myself. :D

  6. 430 hp sounds more like it :nice: Just ordered the Saleen...8 weeks.
  7. those are nice safe #'s for the saleen kit and it is all bundled up in a very nice package.My vortech kit I just installed prior to the shelby show netted 418 and 387 at the wheels and it rips!.This is at 7psi max boost and the A/f ratio is great up to redline and intake temps are right where they should be.Here is a quick pic of mine to add to the available kit mix

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  8. The new blower is great - I did order the Injectors, a new MAF and SCT from JDM but am still working out the tune - I really want to keep her at 4 PSI and very safe as the heat here is a killer but should still be up around 400 HP at the wheel and very strong in the bottom over 380 Ft lbs at 2000 RPM makes it a great daily drive that is still right on the edge no traction in 2nd anytime you want to step down on it!! Will post final numbers as soon as the tune is complete

  9. :nice: now youre talking.

    I hope you didnt mind my previous comments, I just wanted to steer you in the "right" direction for more power. Good luck.

  10. How do you have any idea about "right" power? I see your "mods" and was just wondering. Isnt nitrous usually the "budget" way to do things? Oh well. Some people 'do' and some people talk.
  11. Edbert,

    here ya go.
  12. IMO this is the nicest looking set-up period. I makes all others look like pooo
    but your going to be paying alot more in the long run.

    But then again money should be no object for your baby and to get what you want.

    Congrats on a mint setup. That power is nothing to scoff at esspecially at that low psi.
  13. What part of my previous post did you not understand?

    Read the rules and post accordingly or move on
  14. Why do you say that?
  15. Nice blower man... Got no more to say on that issue, but I just want you to post a side shot of your car so I can check out your nice wheels..

    What are they??
  16. I mean that youll be paying more $$ to get the same # as the procharger kit is making.
    I totally understand that youll be making it at a lower psi and most likely have a better low end hp/tq curve.

    In the long run youll be spending more $$. Thats all.
  17. What's the Procharger kit cost?
  18. Honestly, quit attacking me. It's very childish.

    I do have an idea about the "right" direction. Just because I make a choice not to afford the same things others do doesnt make me any less of a person than you.

    If I can spend $1000 and do what others are doing for much more than that then I'll be very happy. I have more than enough experience in the automotive field to get me through my days of work and hobbies.

    Another... If I had a plan to make my 05 GT the fastest around it would have already been done. I sold my 69 Sportsroof "Pro Street" project the day before I picked up my new one. I would have sold my 351 Cleveland Stroker (385" with P&P 2v heads/intake) engine and used the funds to pull the new 4.6 and build up the rotating assembly for use with nitrous and the Saleen Blower.

    Have a nice day all, Im going to work at my auto parts store.

  19. 22k a year dreamer...