Saleen Series IV Blower Install completed Today!!!

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  1. I believe it's around $4500-$5000 for everything including intercooler, injectors, Pred Tuner, etc...

    Fairly good deal for the power they are putting down.
  2. Not bad, that's pricey but you get alot with the ATI kit. But I wouldn't say it's any cheaper than the Saleen kit. I paid $4500 for it (bought it at retail from a Saleen dealer) and then add in a set of injectors and a tuner and you are just about 5k.
  3. Hey nolyaw do you want to stop attacking cleveland alreay? Or do you feel to much of a big man with your stick shift and a charged car.
    Hey what did you run again? a 12.9? yeah but u had a good day though.......
  4. You guys do realize that just because this S/C makes 8# and makes 400RWHP, doesnt mean its harder on the engine than a different S/C that makes 400RWHP at 6PSI...granted that ALL you do is change the S/C. Boost PSI is a measure of resistance, not HP LOL. Those 3V heads flow great and dont require too much boost to make power, especially if the S/C is designed to be effecient in the low boost LVs. These 05s will respond to mods and S/Cs about like the dohc motors.

    And to that guys planning on making 500RWHP on the stock SB... :rlaugh:
    Your engines internals will be all over the pavement if you try that. For the 2Vs, the max safe HP that is agreed upon is 420RWHP. These 3Vs are not any stronger than the 2Vs....dont get too happy with the power lvs (especially the RPMs...I see some people pulling them up to 6700RPMs and 450RWHP! CRAZY!) if you want any engine life. JMO....good # BTW for 4#s. 350RWHP is definatly safe.
  5. They are the Saleen 05 wheels If you want to see a good side shot take a look at on the Saleen specials page - that is my car!!

  6. Luvs, you really know me. :big hug: :nice:

  7. I have to agree. the power that people are putting down with stock internals is crazy. Sure if you baby it you might not have a prob but I think the proper way to go about it is if you want some imed results w/out starting to rip your engine apart go with the low press kit like the Saleen. It's a good start.

    Then some nice lower comp pistons 8.5:1, H-beam rods, forged crank, and a nice set of rings that are not SS.

    Then pump up the boost to a nice 1.2 bar and tune with injectors, ETC...
    wooohooo I cant wait to do all this.

    Some mild cams, and ported heads.

    There goes my retirement 401K :)

    Then again we do need to now when this engine will grenade.
  8. well.. while you guys play it safe with 4# and 350rwhp, I will be zooming around around with 420-450 rwhp >:) .. many procharger units are flying around with that and those that kick it up to 500 seem to lose the clutch.. I have not heard of any procharger blowing up the engin.
  9. Actually, it's 4psi and 420rwhp ;).
  10. you will hear about it sometime
  11. sorry.. I was just talking about the basic kit you get for 5-5.5 K. that doesnt include the tunder and other toys like the "full" exhaust they ADDED into their dyno.. nice way to fudge the numbers on a "stock" car.. haha :nice:
  12. What is the difference on the warranty between the saleen, procharger, and whipple? I know the procharger comes with a 3yr. If I'm going to spend more than 4k warranty on that product becomes a big part.
  13. I think but I may be wrong.

    That any of the warranties only cover the blower not the engine. So its pretty much just a selling aid.

    If you change or modify the blower it will likely void the warranty. If you leave it stock it is very unlikey to break as they are quite simple compared to an entire engine.

    Any of the setups (centrifugal or twin screw) all have the capability of propelling the car down the 1/4 mile with very similar ET's.

    So the choice should be more about power delivery and price.

    A postive displacment blower like a twin screw will give stump pulling torque, which often mkes it ideal for street use as the power will always be there no matter the gear or rpms.

    A Centrifugal by the very nature of its design will love the higher rpms and a more 'gun ho' WOT approach to driving. Match this with some lower gears (numerically higher, ie 4.10:1) and it will be a rocket ship.

    At the end of the day there is no real better, just better suited to ones needs and expectations.

  14. Selling feature or not. If one company offers a 3yr compared to another's 1yr it is a huge thing to consider.