Expired Saleen Series Iv Supercharger Kit W/ Custom Sheetmetal Intake.

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by ItsStock02, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Saleen Series IV kit with custom sheetmetal plenum. Ready to bolt on and go, its still installed if you'd like to see it run first. Asking $3000 shipped for everything

    I bought the kit last year and installed it back in March. Great blower for a stock 2v. The previous owner made a custom sheetmetal plenum to replace the restrictive Saleen one. The sheetmetal plenum uses a dual 57mm Cobra tb and really wakes this blower up.

    Pretty much everything you need to install is included. The kit includes all the usual upgrades that one would do to it. The guy I bought it from made 450 or something like that to the wheels with this kit on a built engine. IIRC he had the highest hp series IV.

    Kit has around 10000 miles on it, with fresh oil in the blower.

    - Saleen Series IV Supercharger
    - Chicane Intercooler (Best upgrade you can do for this blower/kit)
    - Mosaleen Custom Idler Pulley (eliminates all belt slip)
    - Gatorback belt
    - 3.1" pulley (7-8+psi) depening on setup
    - 2.8" Pulley (12psi+) depending on setup
    - Heat Exchanger w/ dual fans - Pump - Resevoir - Lines - EGR tube - etc
    - Modified 03/04 Cobra plenum for the blower
    -03/04 Cobra Throttlebody
    (Made more power, made the blower ALOT louder, and made it run cooler)
    Stock Saleen plenum designed for 75mm TB
    90mm Cobra MAF

    So you'd need a fuel system, intake, and throttle cable (03-04 Cobra)

    PM me with any questions you might have. Im pretty sure I covered everything. lol

  2. I have a 70mm turbo kit wit new intercooler kit running 20degrees cooler, edelbrock victor jr. intake manifold, new edelbrock 75mm tb in box, new edelbrock super low profile elbow in box, new edelbrock fuel rails in box..turbo kit come off my 00 Saleen and im trying to go back with the saleen s/c..wanting to see if you would consider trading? my email is [email protected]
  3. Do you still have this set up for sale?
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