Roush Saleen Shaker Supercharger!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Red_Devil, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. You can check out all the pictures and info over at but here is the brief write up:

    "The new high flow cast aluminum inlet top has a larger cross sectional area, an improved bend radius, and a shorter path creating virtually no restriction. It also has a larger throttle body flange opening to accomodate a larger OEM and aftermarket throttle bodies. The injection molded lower air box features and enormous 115mm mass air flow sensor, capable of supporting huge HP numbers. The high flow green air filter boasts %50% more area than the standard air panel filter.

    All of these items prodide a huge advantage in reducing the vacuum before the supercharger. The big story however, is the ram-air scoop sticking out of the hood. By moving the intake outside the engine compartment and up into the air stream running over the car, Saleen was able to actually pressureize the air coming into the intake. Testing has yielded pressures or .25 PSI at 80 mph. Aditionally this is pure cold air comin into the engine. Lastly the cast aluminum shaker hood scoop looks awesome sticking out of your Mustang hood.
    Take a look! You wont be dissapointed!

    Pricing TBA shortly, but we will be offering compelte kits as well as Series VI to Shaker conversion kits.

    If you Pre-order your complete SC kit (no money down just add your name to the list until pricing is finalized) when the kits are ready to ship we will raffle off the very first blower and send it to the winner at no charge!

    Send all your inquiries to [email protected] !
  2. Looks impressive.

    Jared, do you know what the gains are over the 475 kit numbers? Must be a few hp, right?