Roush saleen specs?

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  1. forgive me but i am not too educated with the specs of the 2000 Saleen SC281. what exactly makes up this car. i know it has the saleen style supercharger, but what about internal engine mods, brakes, suspension. thanks for all of your help.
  2. Besides the saleen/eaton blower there are no actual internal mods. Saleen did manage to create a nifty aluminum intake to replace the stock composite piece. There are also 30 lbs injectors. There is the saleen water-to something intercooler, but besides that there were no major mods done to the engine. The gears were most likely the 3.08 still that year. Since that has changed to optional 3.55 i believe. The suspension was either the racecraft, which mine came with, or the saleen n2o's (?). Which are very similar to bilstiens. There are the saleen lowering springs, and the relatively large sway bars front and rear. Not sure if the control arms are modified.

    It also came standard with borlas back then but no other exhaust mods, now you can get saleen x-pipes, but back then it was stock h pipe. The factory air box was also retained on the supercharged models. Not sure, but saleen may also add the differential cover, it appears that mine has it, not sure of that was factory though. Lastly, the brakes were standard Gt, unless the saleen/alcon/brembo whatever they use now was ordered. Some blown cars also came with the GOOD recaros, and Carbon Fiber heat extractor hood.

    I am sure there is more, but 99 and 2000 were not as wild with the options as they are these days, but other here will elaborate on what I have said.
  3. thanks for the info. like i said, i am not to smart when it comes to these cars. my buddy mentioned something about a saleen computer. i guess it is not the regular stock eec-5. are there any tuning issues? i see in your mod list you put a different pully on there. any information would be appreciated. thanks again.
  4. ok here is my opinion. if i had to do it all over again, i would have purchased a speedster NA, and did all the engine work myself or purchase a E. i bought a 01 loaded (all saleen options), and ended up taking almost everything off, and putting on aftermarket parts.
  5. Here is what my early '00 model came with.

    Performance Enhancements:
    Saleen Series I Roots type supercharger with intercooler (Increases flywheel horsepower to 350 and torque to 410 ft/lb.)
    Saleen Premium Fuel Calibration
    Saleen Mufflers and Performance Exhaust Pipes (Borla)
    3.08:1 Gears

    Air Management Design: Saleen Urethane Front Facia Saleen Urethane Side Skirts Saleen Urethane Rear Facia Saleen Louvered Side Scoops Saleen S281 Rear Wing
    Saleen “C” pillars

    Racecraft Suspension:
    Saleen Front and Rear Springs (Eibach)
    Saleen Front Sway Bar
    Saleen Front Struts and Bushings / Rear Shocks (Bilstein)
    Urethane Sway Bar Pivot Bushings w/Grease Fittings
    Saleen Five Spoke Alloy Wheels – 18” x 9” Front and Rear
    High Performance Tires – 255/35ZR-18 Front
    – 265/35ZR-18 Rear
    High Performance Wheel Alignment & Tune Chassis

    Styling and Interior:
    Saleen 200 MPH Speedo / White Faced Gauges
    Saleen Close Ratio Shifter (Hurst)
    Saleen Performance Driving Pedals
    Saleen Windshield Graphic
    Saleen Championship Wreath
    Saleen Badge
    Saleen Graphis and Identification
    Saleen Serialized Engine Bay Plaque
    Saleen Serialized Console Plaque
    Saleen Serialized Bumper Number
    Saleen Shift Knob (Momo)

    Optional Saleen Equipment:
    Tire Upgrade Pirelli P-Zero – 265/35ZR-18 Front
    – 295/35ZR-18 Rear
    10" Rear Wheel
    Chrome Alloy Wheels
    Saleen Posi-Taction Control System (Torsen)