Roush Saleen T1 Racing Wing

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  1. I was just wonderin if any of u Saleen guys knew how much its worth i dont own a saleen but i have a 95 cobra that i got about 5 months ago and it has one ive heard its rare and i have the invoice from when it was bought from Saleen and it was priced at 579.99 but how much is it really worth today?how rare is it?any info on it would be greatly apprciated.Thanks
  2. heres some pics.
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  3. I have seen numbers from 300 to 800 so it depends on the buyer i wanted one bad a few years ago and could not find one i talked myself out of it and just molded in my s281 spolier!!!!
  4. Bet that thing kills 1/4 mile mph.
  5. i heard those SR double stacked wings are pretty bad at killing 1/4 mile runs

  6. Tim, you're correct. Joe is right also. Saleen bailed on the SR wing after one season. Unless you are running 600 hp the stock S351 wing does a great job with keeping the car stable at 165 mph. I speak from experience. The SR wing is also terribly heavy.
  7. It never hurt my 1/4 times...............
  8. T1

    Sooooo. about that T1 How heavy is the T1 compared to the S351 and S281 wings? Its gotta be great for downforce? But probably more effective on a higher HP car. That is what I would guess. Im guessing more downforce than the S281 and S351 wings, but also more drag than both also at higher speeds. From an engineers stand point, of which I am not...what could be the benefit of this wing. I know saleen wouldn't have engineered this wing for nothing. I smell a track shootout, or not lol. hahahaha:rlaugh: Someone has gotta have the data on all of these wings? Or maybe saleen misplaced it in their inventory where it will be lost forever. lol.:Track:
  9. :D

    Nice Scott.

    Of course it wouldn't hurt your ET's when you are running over 950 hp.:D
  10. The FIA & T1 wings may be heavy & non-aerodynamic, but they certainly look cool. :cool:
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    Ok it is starting to eat at me how much do you want i will just hang it on the wall until i need a wing for another project?>?????
  12. .....Put it up for sell at $750 bucks and see what happens. If you get alot of negative comments, then you know it might be a bit on the high side....To answer your first question, I've seen a grand total of four (4) T1 race wings on street cars, all of which were here in SoCal. I'm sure there are more out there but I'll bet they are few and far between.
  13. there was a guy on saleenpower that apparently got his hands on one and is in the process of using it to get a mold made for replicas. 5.4speedster I think was his name on there
  14. Actually, the member dtheo from svtperformance has one on his open track car and is in the process of having the molds made from Tiger Racing. Already 18 people have spoken for one. I personally have seen 4 also, and all have been in so cal. This T1 wing being made will weigh 6-8 lbs and be fiberglass. Price is going to be $475.

    With that said, unless someone wants an "authentic" Saleen wing, the "new" going price for these things will be $475 lol. I have seen one on ebay for 430 sell and one sell for 580 fyi. Both those were 2+ years ago.
  15. .......

    Not sure about that coment that you made?-------s351rspeedster

    I am not the one selling the wing i was just considering buying it if the price was right i try to buy the Rare stuff when i see it so that i have it if a custom project comes along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. bad, I apologize! Got the screen names confused, already edited the original post.....doh :bang:

  17. Damn,

    I missed the "mean" post.
  18. I hear ya!!! They look fast sitting still:cool:

    I’m also with Scott, my double wing doesn’t seem to slow me down!! So if I took it off I would be even faster, WOW. :eek:

    I didn’t realize that at 1/4mi speeds these would create that much drag to slow you down significantly and Kill your 1/4 mi.

    All the Hondas that have them are probably floored just to go 70mph down the freeway.:rlaugh:
  19. The SR wing actually produces A LOT of downforce. I forget how many lbs exactly. I actually have a picture of an S351 with the dual plane on it in the wind tunnel. If I could only find it.

  20. Man I hope you can find it!! That would be something I would love to see!!

    So how much difference do you think it would really make in the 1/4mi with the dual wing over the standard S351 wing? R codes trapped around 121 mph?