Roush Saleen T1 Racing Wing

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  1. dtheo aka Nemesis is here boys!!

    Hey guys, I just found this site and I found my fellow saleen lovers!! I DO have an authentice T1 spoiler and I am currently in talks with a well-known race--- manufacturer in getting them re-made. I can assure you the T1 was made for racing and not just for looks from the conversations I had from other race guys. I also own a double-stack wing, that heavy beast weighed 25 pounds so I took it off and replaced it with the T1 which weighs 5-6 pounds and in my opinion is better looking. T1---go radical or go home..........

    pics.--my car
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    World Challenge Race car with T1
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    Another race car with T1---someone tell me it has a purpose.
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