"Saleen" to NOW Honor Warranties...

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  1. *whistles* What do they think to gain? :nonono: It was a shame that they decided not to honor the previous customers and now they want to honor them?
    I agree with the poster in the link: BITE ME!
    I don't own a Saleen and part of it was that reason. When MJA decided to dissolve the warranty coverage, I decided that I might as well just go with a GT and fix her up myself...
  2. This is pretty sad really. How can you do business as a company knowing that your namesake has departed and started his own company to compete with your organization? That the new company is made mostly of engineers recruited for your own and finally if it isn't bad enough that the customers you had, you alienate by denying support for products built while under previous management.

    Things were going bad for Saleen (company) but they didn't need to take a wrecking ball to their situation.
  3. Agreed... I'm not sure if they could have managed to shoot themselves in the foot more than they did.

    Whoever thought it was a good idea to screw over their customer base MUST be a genious--ummm no.
  4. I totally agree man :nice:
  5. Glad to see they rectified the issue.