Saleen unveils their own 351 Ford Mustang

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    Hot on the heels of Steve Saleen regaining his namesake brand comes the first model announcement since the news was released. Making his announcement at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the well known man of Mustangs announced the Saleen 351 Mustang. It’s been well over a decade since Saleen released a 351 cubic inch powered Ford Mustang, with the S351 moniker, and now, the team is back with a follow-up rendition to pay homage to the original…and then some. So what’s the big to-do with this latest installment from Saleen? Just a dose of 700hp and over 650 spins of torque, that’s what. How’s it done? The Saleen supercharger sits atop the base 302 power plant and a 6-speed gearbox help put the ponies to the pavement, with a load of Saleen flair and styling .
    Keep reading to get the rest of the technical details in the Press Release from Saleen.
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