Saleen Vortech intake, anyone running one on their foxbody

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  1. I've got a saleen vortech intake manifold that I'm in the process of installing into my 1992 5.0 coupe. Problem I've into is that it doesn't have a vacuum tree to run pcv, fpr, among other things. So, does anyone know where I can get a vacuum tree for this intake. Or what other Ford vehicle I can pull this vacuum tree from. Maybe someone has a spare one they'd like to sell that'll work. Here's a picture of a saleen intake I found online that's running it in the back.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I beleive those intakes are Saleen-branded Holley SystemMAX intakes


    Knowing that might help tracking down the info you need
  3. Look closely and see if you can find what is wrong with this pic...
  4. EGR spacer incorrectly orientated?
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  5. HI my name is Jay and I am new to this site.I realize this post is old butdo you still have the Saleen intake.
  6. Looks like you could use one from any stock efi intake as long as there is room. You are talking about the tree that attaches to the intake not on the fire wall, right?
  7. 3 year old thread. Sure he's got it running by now

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  8. I'm looking to purchase a saleen intake for my 89 saleen
  9. I have not looked lately, but there was one floating around on corral in the classified area. He wanted top dollar for it though.

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  10. I would love to be able to purchase one for my car.thanks for the info. If you happen to come up with any contact info it would greatly be appreciated thank you again
  11. expect to pay anywhere from 600 to 1200 depending on the type
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  12. Thanks for the heads up if you happen to hear of one for sale let me know.I hope there not going for than much.I remember buying my origional from saleen for $600 but that was 18 years ago.
  13. there's a guy on the corral lee racsirx who has one but he asks top dollar for his parts/
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  14. That's the one I was referring to. He won't budge on the price either.

  15. yep, he has parts for sale for years becuase he won't come down on price... He thinks eventually someone will pay his price
  16. $800 would be fair, maybe even low if the lower wasn't messed with.

    There are two saleen forums online, check them, these intakes are for sale fairly often, but expect to pay up, those guys know which ones are the most valuable.

    For the record, it's only a good intake for a stroker or supercharged car.
  17. Those intakes have been bringing a premium for some time now. But here recently their bringing huge money. The older Dixon style intakes are fetching $2-3000.
    I paid $700 for this Vortech labeled intake for my SSC 10 years ago.
    Then I polished it and made a custom plenum plate for it.
  18. At least they look good. Like the original GT40 intakes, they command top dollar, but don't perform worth a damn. Still thought....easy on the eyes.

    I've wanted one ever since seeing this picture almost a decade and a half ago....