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Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by don8896, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. :DI got a saleen sr800 double wing for sale 125.00 and a stcok laser red body kit off 94 v6 100 all pieces front rear and sides.
    also got a brandnew set of 18x9 chrome saleen wheels from oe wheels in florida. they have tires mounted on them but i am gonna take off.
  2. hey, i am very interested in the body kit, what is the condition and will you ship to 37343? Please let me know as i will gladly take these off you asap. thanks Eric:nice:
  3. its in good condition there are chips on the front and the but there are no cracks at all on any of it. of course they could use a new paint job but thats about it. oh and the front is missing one of the lower black splash guards that go on the bottom the left is there but not the right. As for shipping i can but sure it woul;d not be cheap cause im sure its freight. but ill check on it for ya.
  4. Ok sounds good. Let me know when you able to find out and well try to work something out

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  5. well ups says 109 but cheaper if i fold corners in but that would be up to you cause i really dont want sides to crack during shipping.
  6. can you take a couple more pictures and send them to me? shipping is fine @ 109 sounds good to me just curious about paint conditions, im hoping to just throw it on my car and put it for sale.
    Thanks Eric
  7. :Dheres some pics of the body kit. the wing is now sold!
  8. Thanks for the pics, everything looks good, sorry its taken so long everything is crazy w the holidays. Contanct me back when you get a chance and we will work out the details. Thanks eric

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  9. rims

    r the rims still aval. any pics thanks
  10. i can take them tommorrow cars at shop an i can post them say in afternoon. they are brandnew jus so ya know no srcrathes or anything. if wanna get a feel for what they look like till i post pics go to
  11. body kit still available!!
    saleen rims still availible!!
  12. rims

    heres pics:nice:
  13. all items sold
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