Saleen wing STOLEN ... need new wing (lots of pics)

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 01GT eibach, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Saleen wing STOLEN ... need YOUR opinion for new wing


    Well, my S281 1-piece wing was stolen in San Francisco this last weekend ... ripped right off of the car. So, what do I get?
    I am leaning right now towards the 3-piece S281 wing or maybe S351 (since I did 1-piece S281 last time, I'd rather get something different). The MRT wing will be available next week.

    What should I get? (Pics of each choice is below)
    1) Saleen S281 1-piece just like I had
    2) S281 3-piece
    3) S-351
    4) MRT wing

    Wings I know I do not want:
    Steeda, Roush, Cobra R, and Black Widow

    My car after wing was stolen:

    My car with its Saleen S281 1-piece wing:

    Saleen S281 3-piece wing (not my car):

    Saleen s-351 wing:

    the MRT wing:
  2. don't need a new decklid?
  3. That totally ****ing sucks... That is probably my favorite spoiler :nonono:
    I will refer to Pulp Fiction on this one "What kind of chicken **** messes with a man's car..."
  4. Hey man sorry about the wing getting stoled but unfortunately it happens :nonono:

    :uzi: guy who stole your wing

    anyways In my opinion I would go with the s281 3 piece I know it is probably the most expensive but I think it would be an upgrade and it probably wont be too much more since the insurance is paying for it???
  5. I like the S281 for your car the best. I'd get that...and a gun.
  6. I really don't like the looks of the 281 with those 'tacked on' sideburns.

    I would stick with the 351
  7. my 88 lx was stolen and they took the stock lx wing. its like being raped, i feel for you. at least they didnt take the car.
  8. how does someone have the balls to steal a spoiler. Wouldn't the ripping off of the spoiler ruin the spoiler itself and make it useless. That guy must of really like your car's look. I like the one piece but I know how it is spending money on the same thing that you just had. The 3 piece doesn't look bad at all, go for that if you don't want the same one as before. BTW, so to hear what happened, I don't think it would be economical if you got the insurence involved
  9. that sucks dude :( :notnice:
  10. MRT wing gets my vote.
  11. MRT wing - I like... =)
  12. MRT all the way.. s351 is too big IMO. :nice:
  13. damn
    that sucks

    i don't like any of them but 1 piece is least ugly
  14. oops, i forgot to say that one peice looks the best, but the mrt wing looks pretty good too :nice:
  15. Yeah I'm leaning towards the MRT wing myself. The others are just a bit much. Then again I'm a strong proponent of the "no wing" look too so..... Sorry to hear about your ride man. That sucks.
  16. I say no spoiler. SLEEPERS RULE! That 3-piece Saleen one is FUGLY. I think that some of their stuff is nice, other parts are just a little too ricey for my taste. Keep it simple and buy a spoiler-less V6 take-off decklid and be done with it. You might get lucky an find one in your color.

    If I HAD to pick one, smaller is better, clean & simple. The MRT is ok.

    But, hey, it your car. Don't let me influence you. Do what you think is right for you and your ride.

  17. Perhaps a decent car alarm to go with your new wing would be in order. :shrug:

    Sorry for the loss. That sucks.
  18. seeing as to you are vulnerable to this crap, i'de say go wingless to avoid it all together. your color car will look nice wingless as well. just sux man, i hate it when **** is stollen from me, or broken.
  19. Dude I agree It's like you have been raped!
    I hope You Catch that Basterd!
    I know it wasn't one of your choices but How about the Cobra 03 wing/Spoiler
    P.S. I think this is what you need to do to that bastard who stole the woing when you find him and I would aim this at his HUGH balls.. hahaha :flame:
  20. Another vote for the MRT spoiler :nice: ... IMO that 3 piece wing is too obtrusive... doesn't match the lines of the car at all