Saleen wing STOLEN ... need new wing (lots of pics)

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 01GT eibach, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. I say S-351. I'm sorry that this happened to you dude...
  2. I like what you had and the MRT wing. That really sucks what they did to your car.
  3. Hey Guys!

    Check out the forsale section I just posted up a sweet looking gray Saleen Wing and I'm taking offe.... oh, wait a minute...


    Anyways, that sucks that it happened.. honestly.. if they are ripping WINGS off, what is next? Freaking taking the tires off the rim and jacking those?

    I personally dont like any of the saleen stuff on a stock mustang, I think it sticks out too much.. I vote MRT!
  4. sucks man..I know how painful was the install of ur wing...anyways.. I like s351 and MRT too...
  5. Yea i like the mrt has a nice low profile, very nice spoiler.
  6. they probly already do :nonono:
  7. the one you had looked pretty good.... i like the small subtle ones tho the best.

    ripping astro wings off a beretta or cavilier is one thing, but your mustang looked right with that spoiler you had id go with it agian, and maby run a chain between the bolts inside the hood ? dunno if that would work out tho.
  8. Naw I got it Electrofly the Wing! ZAP ZAP that will keep them Back!
  9. My vote is the 3-piece s281 :nice:

    All theives will go to hell..
  10. how about that wing from Chicane Sport that you can rise with a switch, its in the newest 5.0 Mag on the last pages :shrug: