Saleen's Dan Gurney Edition Ford Mustang

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  1. We'll be the first to admit, the listof special edition Ford Mustangs is large and ever-growing. Incontrast, the list of race car drivers, builders, and owners isarguably shorter. If one were to cross-reference the lists, only afew select individuals would make the cut. Though the obvious nameslike Carroll Shelby and Steve Saleen ( would make the top, the name DanGurney would no doubt share the headline. Enter the Dan GurneyEdition Ford Mustang. This red, white, and blue clad Mustang willfeature Saleen's flagship 464 horsepower supercharged 281 cubic inchengine, racecraft suspension and custom bodywork to match Gurney's1969 Trans Am racecar. View attachment 324057 </img> View attachment 324058 </img> View attachment 324059 </img> View attachment 324060 </img> View attachment 324061 </img> View attachment 324062 </img>