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  1. I was at a Ford dealership today asking about the status of the GT500. I asked about a price. He told me to make an offer above sticker price. I told him(with a straight face) I would pay the x-plan price. He laughed so hard he nearly fell over. I told him that the motor trend magazine just down graded the value of the GT500. He finally stopped laughing. I told him after the other auto magazines do their test drives and comparisons the value will be down graded even more. People will say" For $10,000 less I can buy a GTO that's just a half second slower in the 1/4 mile!" "The Shelby is a heavy Tank" and so on and so on. After a month or so the Ford haters will blast the Gt500 so much that I think anybody could buy one at or below sticker. The sales manager didn't like what I said but it made him think about what could happen. I told him to call me I would give him my X-plan code number. I laughed a little as I walked to my truck.
  2. Hahaha, that's a good story, friggin stealerships, sheesh. :p
  3. Go back and see him in 9 months when the dealers will be struggling to sell GT-500s at big discounts and have an even bigger laugh. :rlaugh:
  4. That's what I'm talkin' about. Let the "importants" shell out the big bucks for the initial production runs, then watch the prices come down to MSRP. Same thing happened with the first '03's and the '05's.

  5. Good story!
  6. I think you guys are a bit on the delusional side... There's going to be absolutly no shortage of buyers for these cars. Do you really think gt500s are going to be piling up on lots in 9 months?:lol: All those cars are sold already.

  7. Nobody said they will be "piling up on lots" per se, but people will have the opportunity to purchase the GT500's at MSRP after the first few waves of GT500s are bought by those with disposable income (ie - filthy rich people LOL).

    A very similar thing occurred when the 2003 Cobras initially hit the market.
  8. While I personally don't see 9 months being the time frame. I'm pretty sure by the second year. There will still be GT500's on lots.
  9. Sorry, but you're the one out of sync with reality.
    It already appears that there are few people who will actually pay $20K AMVs for a GT-500.

    Demand will be strong at sticker price, but the market is already backing away from markups.
  10. Any how many of these were they making this year? They're all sold and I wouldn't be shocked if they would have all gone with even a higher mark-up... I don't like it, but it's reality. Richass people don't care, they get what they want and we get F'd because of it...
  11. Rich people typically didn't get rich by being idiotic and careless with money.

    There is a SMALL cadre of rich people who are flamboyant in their spending... I agree with others, those dolts will be sorted out early in the game, and prices will quickly level-out.
  12. Ever heard the saying " more money than brains"? I have a customer that spends quite a bit of money in my store but the guy has no class when it comes to cars. Yes he is ordering a new GT500 but he is only doing so because I told him too. He told me he's paying 20k over sticker on the GT500 and he told me he's buying a Z06 for about 90k (another one of my ideas) Up till this point he has had a 05 mustang GT with the uglyest stripe package I have ever seen and one of those nasty Chevy trucks that they're finally killing off. My point is I can't wipe the smile off my face because if you think you won't be able to get a GT500 at sticker a bit of time after the rage goes down you've just ignored the last 100 years of car sales. So untill then enjoy the 20k over sticker to get your hands on a great car that will be 20k or more less in a matter of a year or so.

  13. Just remind him of the T-bird.. in 2002 it was 10-15K over sticker. By mid 2003, they couldn't sell them. I got my 2004 new, a limited edition, for 8K off.. no xplan or anything.. just patience.

    Truth is, I blame the customers who bought them.. they create the market.
  14. Last year I couldnt get a new GT unless I paid 4K over sticker. This year the dealer is jumping on selling me one at x-plan.

    I have zero interest in a GT500.

    For the money the Vette is a much better car.
  15. Yea with as slow as the '05+ Mustang GTs are, and as exorbitant the GT500s (currently) are, I've pretty much made up my mind to sacrifice that half second and pic up a '06 GTO... oh, and finance it at 0% at the same time.

    The GT500 is a kickass car, but not worth a penny over MSRP. Just like any other Ford product, including the Ford GT.